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Remove City Intruders is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Remove City Intruders

A Bayload City Skyscraper struck during the black out.


Client: Navis

Details: Remove intruders. Destroy all units in the invasion force.

Advance: 34000c

Reward: 68000c

Area: Bayload City

Remarks: The city is blacked out. Night vision capability is recommended.



Operator:There are quite a few MTs, proceed with caution.


An AC with a NV function and long range weapons is recommended for this mission. A reverse-joint legged build will be able to jump across the buildings with more ease than the others. A long range radar will help with detecting the enemies in the urban environment from safe distance.

In this mission, you face a number of Ostriches and MT77Ms. Most of them are perched on the rooftops, with a couple others roaming the streets. The main threat lies in being exposed to multiple snipers at once. This situation might be avoided in multiple ways; you may either stay in the outer area of the city and use the buildings as cover, or you may go on top of the buildings and utilize high ground. If you have good sniping weaponry, the latter approach will be more effective, while less mobile ACs should stay on the ground and pick their targets from there. As long as you can control your exposure, the MTs will not be much of concern, especially if you engage them one by one. You will be prone to facing many missile volleys coming your way, so taking some form of missile defence is worth considering. Once all MTs are destroyed, the mission is complete.


Report - Terrorists Attack Darkened City[]

Street fighting between terrorist and Navis forces erupted earlier today in the blacked out confines of Bayload City. Because the terrorists came prepared for blackout conditions, Navis feared the city would suffer extensive damage. But due to the decisive actions of the Raven they hired, all terrorist forces were defeated and the city escaped unscathed.

Contact - A Warning (Sender: Unknown)[]

Corporate lackey, you will be made to pay for your actions.