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Remove Disorder Units is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: LCC

Advance: 0

Upon success: 46000

Theater of operations: Underground Railway

Enemy forces: Disorder Units

Objective: Eliminate all Disorder units

File No: R-DS-0245

Code Name: Silent Snow

Client: LCC

Opponent: Disorder

Place: Underground Railway

Weather: Cloudy

Mission Start Time: 15:45

Estimated Success Rate: 80%


This is an emergency. Disorder units have been discovered in the 17th
district of the underground high-speed railway. I'm requesting your
services to eliminate them.

Disorder Units are unmanned, armored weapons of unknown origin.
They've appeared in many places throughout Mars, and have caused severe
damage in the cities and facilities.

This railway is part of a critical transport network on Mars. Should
this get out of hand, the economic repercussions would be immense. The
situation requires immediate attention.

The LCC is currently handling other issues therefore, we've decided
that hiring a Raven is the best course of action. Please take care of
the situation.

We cannot let these weapons of unknown origin hinder programs on Mars.
Failure is not an option.



Nell: "There are many enemy units. Be prepared for multiple targets."


This mission is really easy as long as you have a Head that can lock onto the Disorder Units. Without this feature, their low profile makes them hard to hit although this mission isn't that hard overall. There are a lot of Disorder Units that are trigger happy, but as long as you thin out their numbers quickly, they aren't an issue. Simply move through the tunnel, clearing out the Disorder Units as you go along and it will end easily enough.

An alternate approach for this mission (and all missions that confront you with Disorder Units) is to engage the Disorder Units in melee. This strategy involves using a quadriped or caterpillar AC build, which offer two distinct advantages for melee. One, their laser blade attack is a thrust motion, which offers extra damage compared to regular grounded swing (and it is practically impossible to aircut an Ameise anyway). Two, these types of legs offer a lowered AC height, making it much easier to hit the low profile Ameise with a blade. With this setup (and good enough blade), it is possible to deliver an instant kill blow to an Ameise. If handled well, using the trust melee can be just as fast as utilizing a gun, with the added bonus not spending ammo on the Disorder Units. As the Ameise do not possess a melee attack of their own, the only concern about this way of fighting their hordes is approaching them accurately and quick enough, so they cannot hit you much during your assault. This solution is recommended for the intermediate players that are able to engage in melee comfortably.


  • You should equip a Head with a bio sensor for this mission.
  • The opening cutscene shows the Disorder Units destroying an incoming train.



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