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Chrome Gun Emplacement 2

Chrome Gun Emplacement

Remove Gun Emplacement is a mission in Armored Core. A remake of this mission is also found in the Armored Core: Nexus Revolution disc.


Requester: Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 0

Upon success: AC parts

Theater of operations: Chrome Gun Emplacement

Enemy forces: 4 Guns + Defenses

Conditions for success: Destroy all guns


We want you to destroy a Chrome gun emplacement. The gun emplacement construction site is located in an ocean buffer zone just barely outside Murakumo territory.

Our repeated warnings to halt construction have been completely ignored.

Chrome offers only transparent excuses about maintaining security but their intentions are clearly a pre-emptive military attack.

We now have no choice but to use force. This time we have prepared an AC part as your pay. It is a prototype of the highest quality. We are counting on the Ravens.




Radio:We've arrived at the combat area. We'll leave as soon as your AC is deployed.



Armored Core Remove Gun Emplacement


This is a very easy mission if you have the dual or triple missiles and a rapid fire weapon. As you drop down, get close to the wall and wait for the Hover MTs to come out. They'll fly around and attack with machine guns but they're fragile. Unless you want to take a bit of damage, you can use the missiles mentioned above (anything that fires in an arc) to hit the front to turrets.

After they're destroyed, jump over the wall and there are only two more Turrets to destroy. Once they're gone, the mission is complete.

Also, it is possible with a good ranged weapon that deals good damage (the KARASAWA if you have it is a good option although it always is) can take out the front two turrets on the way down and can quickly take out the flying MTs before they deal too much damage.

Energy weapons are recommended as you don't get money so you can complete this with a minimal loss of money.


Same strategy as the original.


  • Despite not having a cash reward, the legs (LN-SSVT) you instead receive are worth 44000 credits, which allows you to heavily upgrade your AC at the early stages of the game if you sell them.
  • The Barracuda will be immediately shot down by the gun emplacements after dropping you off.
  • This is one of the two missions where the Barracuda that sends the Raven's AC to the combat area is destroyed by the enemy. The other is in Mop Up Chrome Remnants (1).
  • The location from this mission was used as a battle stage in the Arena modes of Project Phantasma and Master of Arena.