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Repel Assault is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 0

Upon success: 35000c

Operation Area: Olxys Solar Power Plant

Enemy Forces: Helicopters, Other (Unknown)

Objective: Prevent solar collector destruction

Operation Code: Sunflower Oil

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: Olxys Solar Power Plant

Start Time: 13:30

Security Level: 4

Estimated Success Rate: 42%

Recommended Raven Rank: C


"The past few days have brought with them an increase in enemy activity in the areas bordering one of our solar power conversion plants. We believe an attack is imminent."

"This plant is the sole provider of power to other facilities we operate in the area and is vital to our interests."

"Efforts are under way to reinforce the plant's defenses, but the key power hookup for the newly installed gun batteries has yet to be completed."

"The power hookup requires linking the gun batteries to the solar collectors. Prevent the collectors from being destroyed while final preparations are made."



Deathgrip: "Facility in sight. Commencing attack."

Emma: "AC identified. It's Longspear."

Gunner: "Raven, we're still working on the power hookup."

Gunner: "We'll provide backup as soon as the guns are online."

Gunner: "Power hookup complete. Stay clear of the guns Raven."

Deathgrip: "Gaaahhhh...!"


The main threat here lies in Deathgrip. Though he only has a bazooka and a blade, he's alarmingly accurate with his shots and also possesses quite a bit of durability. It's best to use weapons with high DPS against him. However, should you take too long in defeating him, the gun turrets will be fully hooked up to power and will fire on him. The helicopters will continually spawn as long as Deathgrip is not defeated, which is why it's recommended to get rid of him quicker.

Once Deathgrip is gone, just finish up the remaining helicopters in the level (or you can just let the gun turrets take care of them if you took too long in fighting Deathgrip).


  • Can obtain back part CWB-DC-150. To unlock it, make sure no more than 3 solar panels are destroyed.
  • In the portable version, can obtain the rigth arm part MWG-MG/ARK. It is located between the last few northwestern solar panels.