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Repulse Enemy Attack

The Murakumo Transport Blimp

Repulse Enemy Attack is a mission in Armored Core


Requested by: Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 0

Upon success: 32000

Theater of operations: Murakumo Transport Blimp

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Destroy all enemy forces


Recently, our transport blimps have been attacked one after another. We don't know what they want, but the blimp is always shot down so the target is probably not the payload.

Perhaps they are simply intending to interrupt our operations at someone's instigation. We could provide full-scale escorts, but this risks marring our reputation.

These incidents have not gotten out to the public, so we want you to ride secretly in the blimp and repulse the attacking group.

Note that we expect the battle to be fought on the blimp, so be careful not to fall.



  • 4 Gun batteries


Murakumo Captain: This is the captain speaking. Unidentified craft are approaching. I think it's them.

Murakumo Captain: The aft bridge has been damaged! You must destroy them all without delay.

Murakumo Captain: Raven! Our engine has been hit! Destroy them all without delay.

Murakumo Captain: We will be shot down. Do something about them now!



Armored Core Repulse Enemy Attack

The mission may seem straightforward but its also tricky. Straightforward in the way that your job is to simply take out all of the enemy airplanes that approach, but tricky in the way that the area you're fighting them has very limited foothold, not to mention that the enemies' shots can knock you back (if you're too close to the edge, you will fall! So be very careful!). Fortunately, the enemies you face here are quite weak and can be easily killed in just a few shots from a powerful weapon like the Karasawa.

There're also 4 gun turrets on the blimp itself that appears to help defend against enemies, although they're of little help as they are typically destroyed in a short time frame. Keep the airplanes away from the blimp's engine and take care not to fall off the blimp.


  • The gun batteries are the blimps own defenses.