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Mission icon Rescue GA Transport
"Rescue GA Transport"
General information
Client GA
Area Loro Desert
Objective Defend Transport + Defeat Enemy
Reward 600,000c
Real world information
Game Armored Core: For Answer

"Rescue GA Transport" is a mission in Armored Core: For Answer.


Here's the mission.

The client is GA America. Your target is the Interior Union's land-based Arms Fort unit.

The enemy is currently pursuing a GA America transport unit through the Loro Desert. Your task is to neutralize them before they can take out GA's forces.

The Interior Union Arms Forts are armed with multiple strafing lasers. Once our transports come in range of those weapons, they'll be dead in the sand. Keep that in mind.

Basically,we just need you to take it out fast. Nothing fancy.

That's it.

This is a good job for the right Lynx. Contact us.


The player is sent to escort a squad of GA units and to protect them from the Interior forces.

A green line is displayed on the player's radar: that's the safe-line, and an enemy unit who cross that line will be able to attack the allies. A Normal isn't a problem, but a Land Crab will easily destroy the QUASARS in few seconds.

However, it's very uncommon that an enemy broke trough the safe-line, except in the case the player wait for them or is extremely slow in destroying the enemies.


  • 2x Interior Union Land Crabs (the laser-type model)
  • Around 15x GOPPERT-G3 normals
  • 2x Aerial Fortress FF130-FERMI




Serene Haze:Commence mission. Destroy all enemy Arms Fort units.

Serene Haze:The virtual defense line is displayed on your radar. Enemy units crossing that line will have a firing solution on the transports. That equals "Mission Failure" for us. We don't want that to happen, do we? Hold the line.

Serene Haze:Arms Fort down. One more!

Serene Haze:OK, enemy Arms Fort down. Just mopping up now.

Serene Haze:Confirmed all enemy Arms Fort units have been destroyed. Mission successful. The transports are safe. Good work.


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At the beginning of the mission simply dash ahead and charge the enemy units.

The enemies use only EN weapons, so it's recommended to build a fast EN focused AC armed with a laser blade to destroy the AFs, and any weapon of choice for the normal units. The most important thing is to dodge the AFs laser shots since they deal a massive amount of damage. Also, the map is totally flat so you cannot hide at all.

On Hard Mode a couple of Aerial Fortresses will be added to the fray. normally almost any weapon can kill it especially blading, but for safety reasons that affects the S Rank, you may want to bring grenade launcher for massive damage on all sides; Normals, AFs and Fortresses together.



The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, may include fan-made content, and/or falls under YMMV territory.


  • Strangely, this is the only mission that shows 'Mission' Failure' scene. If the player fails to rescue the GA units, and allow the Arms Forts to get close to them, it will reveal a scene where the AFs launch a barrage of laser cannons aimed at the GA squadron. Leaving the player to hopelessly watch the units disintegrated and left for dead.