Rescue Survey Team

The armored car at the end of the mission.

Rescue Survey Team is a mission in Armored Core

Synopsis Edit

Requester: Earth Environment Reclamation Committee

Advance: 0

Upon success: 25000

Theater of operations: Old Military Facility

Enemy forces: Security MTs

Conditions for success: Rescue the survey team

Briefing Edit

We want you to break into an old military facility remaining above ground to the southwest of Isaac City.

This facility has been completely abandoned, but we have reason to believe it had been used as a testing ground for prototype weapons prior to the Great Destruction.

If any of the Companies get wind of this, a fight for this facility is inevitable. We immediately sent a survey team to find out the truth but they ran into trouble.

A gate within the facility suddenly closed and scrapped security MTs began operating. After barely making it back to the 1st floor, the team is stranded behind the locked gate.

The security MTs have been repulsed for now, but we don't know how long this will last. We want you to rescue the team ASAP.



  • Armored Car (Survey Team)


Survey Team: Raven! Thank Goodness. Destroy the gate lock device. This will certainly open the gate.


Armored Core Rescue Survey Team

Armored Core Rescue Survey Team

The goal of this mission is to rescue the survey team, not to blow up every security MT. Therefore, bypass them if you can, just get to that security team. The MTs fire unguided weapons, so try to get one to step in front of another.

If possible, use high ammo or high attack power shell weapons, the Crusader MTs have a very poor resistance to shell weapons so you can clear them out rather easily. A machine gun or even the starter rifle can decimate them swiftly.


  • The MTs like to fire at you even though they don't have a line of sight on you. This frequently leads to friendly fire incidents that allows a cunning player to thin out groups without firing a shot.
  • The MTs have very high energy resistance, but very poor shell resistance.
  • You get +100c payment for each enemy destroyed.
  • The survey team's armored car is only seen in the ending cut scene.