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Rescue Transport Truck is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester: Chrome

Advance: 0

Upon success: 20,000c

Theater of operations: Inside Nassau Tunnel

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Find and defend transport truck


We lost communications with one of our transport trucks heading for
Avalon Valley, somewhere near the Nassau Tunnel.

We strongly believe that this was an act of a terrorist group
targeting the advanced chemical weapons loaded on the truck. If this is
true, we cannot leave this up to the Guards.

Go to the site ASAP and search for the truck. Eliminate anyone who
interferes. The safety of the vehicle is of utmost priority. Do not
forget this.

One more thing. Innocent civilian vehicles may be traveling by the
site. If you destroy any vehicles, compensation for the damages will be
deducted from your pay. Good luck.



  • 1 Transport Truck
  • Civilian Cars (infinite)


Radio:"The truck's load is poison gas. Avoid hitting gas canisters if you find them."



Armored Core Rescue Transport Truck

This mission is fairly easy save for the fact that the truck is VERY easy to destroy. Two Ariakes are already on the scene in the second tunnel and they should be taken out immedately. They're not too hard but make sure you don't fight by the truck. After this, two more waves of Ariakes appear out of the tunnel. It's best to stand to the right of the truck so you don't accidently cause the truck to be destroyed. Simply open fire on the Ariakes and back up as they approach. This should give you a good line of fire on them and they should be destroyed easier. A vareity of weapons can be useful. Missiles won't work due to the environments and ultimately the main weapons to use are pulse or laser rifles or the machine guns. It's not that hard of a mission and can be beaten easily.


  • Payment -200 for each civilian vehicle destroyed.