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Rescue the Trapped Indies is a mission in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Requester: Indies

Advance: 0

Upon success: 31000

Theater of operations: Burroughs Hill battlefield

Enemy forces: MTs (Unknown number)

Objective: Escort the Indies to safety

File No: G-BM-0834

Code Name: Frontier Spirit

Client: Indies

Opponent: Old Avalon BOC

Place: Burroughs Hill Battlefield

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 4:55

Estimated Success Rate: 53%


Our deployment team was just about to leave the Burroughs Hill
Battlefield, when they were trapped by a contingent of government

The enemy hasn't launched an attack, but they are preventing the
deployment team from escaping. This is probably an effort to draw in
and slaughter any who attempt a rescue.

Only the Bureau of Control could sink this low. The resources and
manpower available to us are limited, we cannot afford to fall into
their trap. Please rescue our comrades.




Radio Operator: "Raven, we’re outta ammo. Cover us while we make a run for it."

Radio Operator: "You’ve got to help me! I’m the only one left!"

Radio Operator: "Aaargh!"

Operator: "All friendly units have been destroyed."



Armored Core 2 Another Age Rescue the Trapped Indies

An AC build with a high-power precise weapon and long range radar is recommended for this mission.

This can be a frustrating mission due to unfavourable conditions and high enemy numbers. You don't actually have to protect all of the allied units - only one has to make it out alive for you to clear the mission. Furthermore, you don't get any additional bonuses for the surviving units either, so you just need to be really careful when there's only ONE allied unit left. As long as any of the tanks reaches the outer boundary of the mission area, your task will be complete. However, attempting to sustain all three ally units is a thankless job - not only you will not be rewarded in any form for this, the rapid respawn of the Cradle units makes this endeavour highly unfeasible.

The enemies in the mission will just keep spawning until the mission is over, so having weapons with high ammo reserve will be effective against them. Remember that the Cradle units are actually two enemies in one - after you shoot down the flying part, you still have to take care of the MT that drops off its wreckage. If you are quick about it, it is possible to destroy the ejecting MT before it touches the ground, but if you do not have a fast FCS it is generally preferable to wait until the touchdown, since at that moment the MT is going to be the most vulnerable. The mines that are left from the previous battles are still there, so you can also trick the enemies into stepping on the mines and killing themselves.

In any case, the waves of airborne Cradles are the biggest danger of this mission, since they are going to keep attacking the tanks you are guarding with volleys of missiles at a fast pace, and the tanks cannot even defend themselves. Try to stay close to your allies so you might take some aggro off them and destroy incoming Cradles as fast as possible (also try to not run into too many mines on the way). The grounded Cradles are much slower as well as lighter-armed, thus they will pose much less threat as well - so if you have to choose try to shoot down all flying Cradles in range first. If you can keep shooting down at least the airborne Cradles at a steady pace, you should have a good shot at completing this mission successfully.


  • Only one unit has to make it out alive in order to complete the mission.
  • There is a destroyed SRBIA unit in the area.
  • There are still mines in the area and if you are lucky the enemy units will destroy itself if it lands on a mine.