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"Retake Distribution Center" is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven and Armored Core: Last Raven Portable.


Requester: Alliance Tactical Unit

Operation Area: Diorgan Distribution Center

Objective: Eliminate the occupation force

Reward: 100,000c

Start Time: 14:07


The Diorgan Distribution Center has been taken over by forces working for one of the warlords.

The facility is important to us because of its proximity to Vertex's Circ-City headquarters.

We'd like to take care of the matter on our own, but we can't afford to pull any troops off the frontlines right now.

Please eliminate the invaders and retake the facility.

Make sure to keep any damage inflicted on the facility to a minimum; we need to reestablish it as a base of operations as soon as possible.



Forces of one of the Warlords has taken the distribution center from the alliance and you are tasked with getting it back-raven style!

You start by decending a lift. Head forward down a corridor until you reach a door. Along the way you come across two 'road blocks' of soilders, just blast through them. open the door and take out the three Ostrich's that await, do it fast as the room is littered with soilders in all directions chipping your AP away. once your done head down the corridor, blast though the 'road block' and reach another door. Here two more Ostrichs await and two 85M's as well. Try to lure the 85's in the door and take them out one by one (be advised, despite the heavy armour, they are still rather spritely). Finish the Ostrichs and Shelia says "you have them on the ropes". To finish up this little escapade, there are two more STARLING MTs. one either side of the outside buildings. They are armed with a laser cannon that is weak and they are weak, but annoying, as they can jump rather high and this can make getting a lock tricky. Take them out and you're done.

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