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Reverse joint legs are a unique Armored Core Leg type. They are distinguished by their backwards-facing leg joints, hence the name.


The ZLB-7744/VAT, one of the best reverse jointed legs ever


As the name implies, these legs' joints face backward, similar to that of an animal biped, namely the kangaroo. As such, they have astonishingly high jumping power, able to easily take in to the air in single bounds that other leg types could only struggle to accomplish. For this, they are highly recommended for aerial players and because of their low energy drain, they can maintain air time for long periods of time, depending on the right parts. They are also quite light, allowing them to be amongst the fastest leg type.


Because reverse joint legs jump so high, it takes an AC a significant amount of time to recover upon landing, which could put them at a big disadvantage when recovering energy. They also have low armor stats, making them fragile to an extent. They also have a terribly low load tolerance, which limits the players choice of parts. Reverse joints are also known to have poor turn rates.

List of Reverse Joint Legs[]

Introduced in Armored Core[]

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