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Revisit Uncharted Region is a bonus mission in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Requester: Government

Advance: 0

Upon success: 600000

Theater of operations: Lost Field

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Unknown

File No: O-RP-9515

Code Name: Alive

Client: Government

Opponent: Unknown

Place: Lost Field

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 3:15

Estimated Success Rate: Unknown


This request comes directly from the Government.

We'd like you to return to the Lost Field and investigate the presence
of an unidentified unit.

Again, everything you see must be treated with the utmost secrecy. You
are the only Raven that we can entrust with this mission. Here is
to your success.



In this mission you will face the upgraded version of Stinger, which is essentially his Final Phantasma form from Project Phantasma. In comparison with the Project Phantasma version, this version is just as tough as its predecessor, being able to withstand a huge payload of punishment. It retains its 2 most prominent large missile launchers, the front end plasma cannon and vertical missiles. It also retains the same multi-colored blasts where it draws in energy from its surroundings before unleashing it in a burst of multi-colored energy blasts. This energy blast attack is powerful but can be easily avoided by either staying in between the barrages or staying at point blank range to Phantasma (if you stand directly in front of Phantasma, at point blank range, his energy blast attack won't hit you). His plasma cannons fire rather quick and is quite potent, be sure to avoid this attack. His missiles are powerful too but can be easily countered with anti-missiles. Dealing with Phantasma would often take a long while due his extremely high AP. It's best to use a powerful laser blade and get up close to Phantasma at point blank range and slash/stab away at him until he's dead.


  • As is with Project Phantasma’s version, this Phantasma unit is also impervious to damage when performing the energy blast attack, even though the player can register hits on it while it does so.