is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #57 in the Arena.


Gained access to the Arena without ever registering. He proved himself in combat and was accepted into the Raven fold. A wild sort, he practices outlandish tactics.

AC Gallows BirdEdit

Gallows Bird is a middleweight bipedal AC equipped with anti missile extensions, laser cannon weapon arms that fire a spread, an orbit cannon double back weapon and an overboost core.


This guy's not really as threatening as he seems, his laser cannon weapon arms aren't exactly dangerous if you can stay away from him. His orbit cannons can also be avoided rather easily. Also because of his over-reliance on energy weapons, and his tendency to overboost frequently, he can drain out his energy quite easily, so you can simply wait for him to run out of energy and when he's grounded, just hammer him down with powerful weapons like the Karasawa or bazookas and other high power weapons.



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