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Robust is the unofficial fan name for a manned bipedal MT that is seen exclusively in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

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The Robust is a manned bipedal MT, around the size of an AC. The unit has only one offensive weapon which depends on the type encountered, Although the weapon is always mounted on the right arm. There are three types and there is no difference between them except for their weapon. The unit has no close range weapons and barely moves since firing their weapons means that they must remain stationary. It does have limited boosting capabilities though, but it appears that it can only ground boost as its weapon is probably to heavy to fly with it.



Equips a large sniper rifle and a large radome, it is often used for scouting. Its large sniper rifle is capable of hitting targets from far away with great accuracy. The least encountered.

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Equips a large, powerful grenade rifle that causes significant damage; while they lack the power and stun of AC grade weapons, they are still potent weapons. Much like the gatling type, they guard narrow corridors or corners where they have the element of surprise. Quite commonly encountered.


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Equips a large Gatling gun. Although its Gatling gun's rate of fire is slower than an AC grade machine gun, it has long range and good power while also significantly increasing heat, meaning a group of these can do serious damage to an AC. The most commonly encountered.


  • Sniper Rifle (Type-SR)
  • Grenade Rifle (Type-GN)
  • Gatling Gun (Type-GT)


Appears in ten missions as an enemy and in one versus mission as an enemy or ally depending on which side you choose. They are manufactured by Emeraude and appear in the missions:


  • Name comes from a japanese website and the translation is pending.
  • The unit looks similiar to the OZ-06MS Leo mobile suit seen in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.
  • The Robustness is shown carrying weapons that are about twice its body length, implying greater overall strength in the units frame and the ability to carry objects well over its own body weight.