Notoriously hard to aim with, Rockets are extremely powerful weapons if they are used effectively but this can be difficult to do without a lot of pratice. Rockets all require manual aiming, much like the cannons afford (which is useful for targeting at long range) and can be useful.


These are weapons that have a lot of ammo capacity and are actually really strong, much like all rocket weaponry. With manual aiming, they are, much like all Rockets, only useful with a lot of pratice, or against stationary/close range targets. Luckily their large ammo capacity gives them a lot of chances to hit.

Normal (Medium)Edit

Stronger than Small but feature low ammo capacity, these Rockets are probably some of the most useful, due to their power. They are very useful in terms of damage because, if you hit, you can chop off a lot of AP from a target, namely they are useful against bosses.


Extremely powerful but feature low ammo capacity, the original Large Rockets can explode dealing splash damage, while the others just deal massive damage. Typically they are only useful against the massive MTs.


These Rockets fire in a shotgun like pattern and this gives a bit more leway with accuracy but the individual rockets deal less damage than the Small Rockets so keep that in mind.


These are useful in that they not only deal damage but they also knock out an FCS for a while which can be useful. However the reason why FCS "need" to be jammed (Missiles) are better avoided with Extensions or Decoys


These only appear in Silent Line and prevent the Generator from increasing the reserve energy and this can be really bad. Unlike the ECM Rockets, these could be useful.


Rockets are useful but extremely tricky. They are extremely slow in terms of projectile movement and consequently the ability to lead a target is very important. The best to train naturally is on Small Rockets in the AC Test until it is possible to reliably hit with them. Up close is the best option for rockets as it maximizes changes to hit.

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