Rosary, full name Cordelia Stratford, is one of the four Operators of the Resistance in Missions 01 through 09 in Armored Core V, voice by Grey Delisle.


Rosary is known for her rude and obnoxious attitude, constantly making snide remarks through out the game. She seems rather close to RD, joking around with him and teasing him. At one point, she calls herself "big sister" when talking to him, but no other references are made to this besides RD calling her "Rosy" instead of Rosary, so it is unsure if these two are siblings. Rosary often jeers at the enemies the player is facing, adding occasional comedic relief.


In Mission 01, Rosary seems unsure of what she exactly has to do for the player. This may imply that Rosary is new to the Resistance. Her main job is resupplying and repairing the player's AC, as well as giving information on the enemy ACs. She appears to have been an Operator before joining the Resistance, possibly as a Mercenary or more than likely for the Men of Honor, which is revealed in the Ordered Missions, stating she "doesn't go anywhere without getting paid".

Men of HonorEdit

Not much focus in on Rosary during the Story Missions, however the Ordered Missions involving the Men of Honor shifts that focus. After a few scattered MoH missions, Rosary discovers her sister, Regan, is still an Operator for MoH. In this same mission, Regan reveals the Rosary is not her real name, and that she was originally named Cordelia. There is no indication as to why she changed her name upon joining the Resistance, however. Rosary shows a large amount of disdain for the MoH, and shows little remorse when the Zodiac 1 AC destroys Regan's chopper with her in it. It is shown she is not well liked with most of the MoH. Neon even tried to kill her. Luckily, the raven fights to protect her.


Rosary's EmblemEdit

Her emblem, a thorn-laced heart, is shown on the right storage compartment of her chopper as well as in the background when the player is using her chopper to assemble their AC during a mission.


  • All in all, Rosy lost the most in the Story. She loses her sister (Regan), Leon- who upon his death, she is shown to be close too and RD betrayed and then tried to kill her. She may still have also liked some of the Men of Honor, such as Oswald. She hides behind humor and portrays a tough outer shell, but at certain moments, these loses and incidents do affect her.
  • Considering the way she cries out Regan's name when she's killed, it seems that while their relationship is antagonistic at best, Rosary still holds some affection for her sister.
  • Her real name is Cordelia
  • She's shown to have developed romantic feelings for Leon, having shouted his name in despair after Father's tower was destroyed by an air assault with Leon inside.
  • Regan, Rosary(Cordelia) and Oswald are all reference to the play King Lear by Shakespeare.
  • Reading the Personal File for Gloucester Stratford in Armored Core: Verdict Day states that she had a major role in forming Sirius implying that Rosary took over Men of Honor after Regan died or that she used Men of Honor's assets to form her own group.
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