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"Another AC? Hah, more cannon fodder. I don't know who's pulling the strings, but I'm not ready to meet my maker."
— Roy Percival

Roy Percival is a mercenary who appears in mission of 05-3 Armored Core: Verdict Day.

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Roy Percival
General information
Gender Male
Age 31
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Espada
Occupation Mercenary
Craft Charis
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Verdict Day


Origin: Magion City. Male, Age 31 As a member of the anti-Venide resistance group Espada, he participated in a variety of anti-establishment activities alongside his mercenary career. In the face of intensifying retaliation from Venide, he refused to abandon his cause: a claim that most of his Espada comrades cannot make.

Confirmed killed in action: Dozur Desert.

AC Charis[]

Charis is a powerful, long-range, KE focused, mid-weight bipedal AC constructed from a CE head, arms with a KE core and legs.

It is equipped with dual maximum range, YAKUMO mdl.2 single shot sniper cannons, CE missiles, a large capacity ISONOKAMI mdl.2 rifle and a standard, moderate-power Au-D-H11 Gatling gun. Despite its somewhat laughable configuration, this AC can hit an enemy from a considerable distance away, owing to the pilot's uncanny skill.

Classification: Armored Core
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Assembly Type


KE: 2383
CE: 992
TE: 620



Recon Unit:

Shoulder Unit: Su-J-R44A
R Arm Unit: YAKUMO mdl.2 (sniper cannon)

Power: 12480
Rapid Fire: 162
Accuracy: 94

L Arm Unit: YAKUMO mdl.2 (sniper cannon)

Power: 12480
Rapid Fire: 162
Accuracy: 94

Ultimate Weapon: -
R Bay Unit: ISONOKAMI mdl.2

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

L Bay Unit: Au-D-H11

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

Total Weight:
Recoil Resistance:
Turning Performance:
Energy Recovery:
Repair Cost:

Total Load:
Loading Capacity:
Total EN Consumption:
EN Output:


Roy's Charis will appear shortly after dialogue between Maggy and Fatman has finished. After the cutscene, Charis will appear on one of the launching runways of the derelict SOMW construct and proceed to smash your AC to bits with round after high-power round from one of its sniper cannons. Oddly enough, Charis will remain in the stationary ready position even when having run out ammo, and will only engage the player once they get close enough.

It is recommended for this fight that you eliminate all other threats first, and dodge his shots while doing so. Removing the cannon fodder from the equation will make things easier for you.

Once he has disengaged from his sniper post, he will swap to his higher-ammo backups, and pelt you with round after round of these fairly average-damage weapons, but be warned: Charis does have CE missiles equipped, making him much more deadly then what he might appear to be.

Also to note, he will often use these missiles while chipping away your durability with his rifle and gat, so be careful. Another thing to remember is to make sure you can dodge him should you use CQC, he will boost-charge, and his legs do tremendous damage for their weight-class (around 10k base).

His CE defense, even with the addition of CE head and arms, is terrible, as is his TE defense. Using CE/Plasma Missiles, Battle Rifles, HEAT Howitzers, Blades, PMG's, Laser Rifles, Piles, HEAT MG's, HEAT Rockets, anything under the TE and/or CE category will smash him.

Defeat all the enemies around the derelict (including the turrets), approach Charis, make him drop his cannons and then engage him at mid to long-range, using whichever CE or TE weapons you feel are worth using against him. Anything in those damage categories work.

Simply aim, periodically dodge and fire away. He'll be dead in less than a minute with the right setup, which, as a bonus, will unlock one of the more difficult subquests.