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Royal Mist - Emblem
Royal Mist
General information
Japanese name ロイヤルミスト (Roiyarumisuto)
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Cortex
Occupation Raven
Rank Arena Rank A-3
Craft AC Kaiser
Known battles Operation Power Play, Operation Ofanim (player choice)
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 3
Voice actor English: Possibly Charles Paris, David Nowlin, Gary Martinez, Jeff Kramer, Kevin Blackton, Neil Howard, Roger Jackson, or Steven Duell

Royal Mist is a Raven working for Global Cortex. At Rank A-3, he is the third-highest ranked Raven in the Arena. He is a powerful Raven who rarely takes part in missions, instead focusing his efforts into bolstering his Arena standing.


By the time the subterranean society of Layered starts encountering problems with The Controller, Royal Mist is one of the strongest Ravens of the era. He takes notice when the up-and-coming Raven Citizen No. "0824-FK3203" defeats Vice to become Rank E-2. Royal Mist tells the newcomer through mail that they should take any advice from Fixer because the Arena has unspoken rules and he should tread carefully.[1] When 0824-FK3203 later on defeats Royal Mist himself, the irritated high ranker sends him more mail, this time calling 0824-FK3203 a fool for "ignoring [Royal Mist's] warning" and hoping that 0824-FK3203 would be defeated by the second-highest ranker, BB, whose strength Royal Mist praises.[2]

Royal Mist is also one of the Ravens hired by the rebel group Union during their efforts to free Layered from The Controller. During Operation Power Play, he is part of the Raven strike force hired to assault a data storage facility owned by Crest Industries allegedly containing information on how to gain access to Layered Hub. Royal Mist clears sectors W-29, S-11, and E-07, becoming not only one of the Ravens to complete their side of the mission but also survive.[3]

If Royal Mist is a consort in "Destroy Massive MT"[]

Later on, Royal Mist is selected by 0824-FK3203 to help with a Union mission to attack the D-C001, a massive MT sent by The Controller to — as Union speculates — destroy an important energy reactor. The two Ravens intercept the monstrosity at Avalon Hill then ultimately defeat it.[4]


"Assault Crest Facility"[]

  • "Sector W29 clear."
  • "Sector S11 clear."
  • "Sector E07 clear."



From: Royal Mist
Title: -

Are you familiar with the name Fixer? If you should get any mail from him, I recommend taking his advice. This is a warning from me to you.

There are unwritten rules, even in the Arena. Tread carefully.

"-" (second)[]

From: Royal Mist
Title: -

You're a fool to ignore my warning. I hope you meet your end when you face BB.

He has been a strong presence in the Arena for many years and is a formidable opponent. Angering him is not in your best interest.

AC Kaiser[]

Kaiser is an exceptionally well-armored heavyweight bipedal Armored Core built to inflict incredible amounts of force as quickly as possible. The unit is armed with an energy-based Exceed Orbit core, a spread-shot howitzer, a double-barrel shotgun, interlocking missile extensions, and a back-mounted dual missile launcher double back weapon. Its mobility and energy capacity are also improved by OP-INTENSIFY.

Royal Mist can crack open even the most heavily armored ACs in mere seconds. A lightly armored AC will not make it past the third volley of missiles ⁠— which can be fired eight at a time ⁠— unless it is equipped with a generous missile interception system or decoys, or is highly mobile. Kaiser's strengths include high energy resistance, exceptional cooling, prolonged flight capability, powerful close-range firepower, and lethal long-range capabilities. However, all of this comes at the price of speed and maneuverability. While Royal Mist's aggressive piloting style makes up for his AC's lacking agility, an opponent capable of crossing the arena without taking too much damage and flanking Kaiser can take it out.

Royal Mist
Classification: Armored Core
AC Kaiser

AC Performance:



Overall: B


Arms: CAM-11-SOL
Booster: CBT-FLEET
Generator: CGP-ROZ
Radiator: RGI-KD99

Inside: -
Extension: CWEM-R20
Back Unit R: CWX-DM-32-1
Back Unit L: CWX-DM-32-1
Arm Unit R: CWG-GS-56
Arm Unit L: KWG-HZL30

Optional parts: OP-INTENSIFY

AP: 9,323
Arm Weight: 2,238 / 3,813
Leg Weight: 6,598 / 6,909
Weight: 9,744
EN Consumption: 5,748 / 10,000
EN Capacity: 48,600
EN Supply: 4,752
Total Firepower: 8,738
Defensive Points: 3,486

Stability: 5,815
Moving Ability: 151
Turning Speed: 109
Rising Ability: 2,174
Cooling: 8,866
Radar Ability: 390
Sensor Ability: 250
FCS Performance: 3,362



Pattern: Normal


Pattern: Normal

Right Arm:

Pattern: Normal

Left Arm:

Pattern: Normal


Pattern: Normal


Back Unit R: Red
Back Unit L: Red
Arm Unit R: Yellow
Arm Unit L: Yellow


Royal Mist appears in Armored Core 3 as the Rank A-3 Raven in the Global Cortex Arena. If Vice is defeated in the Arena, Royal Mist will mail the player a warning. If Royal Mist himself loses to the player, then he will send a message expressing his disdain for them.

Consort selected Royal Mist

Royal Mist when selected as a consort for "Destroy Massive MT" in Armored Core 3 Portable

For missions, Royal Mist makes an off-screen appearance in "Assault Crest Facility" as one of the Ravens hired by Union. Afterwards, he can be hired as a consort in "Destroy Massive MT" for 20,000c, the maximum amount of funds allotted for the consort selection.

In the Extra Arena, Royal Mist is both an A-rank consort option and an opponent partnered with Valkyrie. He and Valkyrie are Rank 2, making them the second-highest pair in the rankings. The player can select Royal Mist as a teammate even when fighting them.

Arena profile[]

A rare mission participant, his efforts are directed solely toward improving his standing in the Arena. The AC he pilots is designed to adapt to changing battle conditions, and does so effectively. His rivals are never given a moments pause.[5]

Consort profile[]

His Arena performances are much anticipated events, and it's rare that he takes part in a mission. He's a top-notch pilot and having him along as backup never hurts, just make sure he doesn't take all the credit. [6]


The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

Royal Mist will generally make an impression on most pilots. Royal Mist will almost always activate his extensions and exceed orbits and take to the air in order to rain down missiles with the first volley. Two more volleys of missiles and howitzer clusters will follow immediately after. Royal Mist will then proceed to do anything and everything possible to hammer you with his shotgun, exceed orbit cannons and howitzer. Kaiser sports high energy resistance, so it is not advisable to bring a beam-firing weapon to this match. Staying out of his line of sight is crucial. A quick AC with a machine gun is recommended. Royal Mist can take a fair amount of punishment so if your AC can not deal an exceptional amount of damage quickly, be prepared for a drawn out battle. It is recommended to immediately close the distance between you and fight at close range if his missile volleys are becoming a nuisance. From there, heavier weapons shouldn't be hard to hit with.

Fortunately, Kasier has a critical weakness: a low turn rate. If you build a quick enough AC, you will be able to get right past him while he tries to slowly boost back to face you. As long as you can go through the initial missile assault without much damage, none of his remaining weapons will be anywhere as difficult to avoid. Stay on his tail, and soon enough you will crack his AC open without Royal Mist being able to do much about it.

For the Extra Arena, he is an excellent partner no matter what type of AC you pilot and you should have no problem breezing through the Extra Arena with him at your side. As mentioned before, Royal Mist can be taken as a consort and the two will duke it out. Focus on Valkyrie and then close in after your done with her and two have worn each other down. Bring shell-based weaponry since he has poor resistance to it.


Armored Core 3[]

Armored Core 3 Portable[]


  • Kaiser is German for "emperor."



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The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

  • Given the name of Royal Mist's AC, he may come from German descent or nobility.
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