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The SOLDNER-G9L is an Aldra leg part that appears in Armored Core: For Answer.

Part Description[]

Rare heavy reverse-jointed legs designed for Interior's EN weapons.

Part Statistics[]

Armored Core: For Answer - 1.4 Regulations[]

  • Part Type: Reverse Joint
  • Weight Class: -
  • Manufacturer: Aldra
  • Price: 160000c
  • Weight: 9667
  • EN Cost: 4912
  • AP: 15684
  • AC Defense (Average): 3131
  • Ballistic Defense: 3499
  • EN Defense: 2764
  • PA Rectification: 3869
  • PA Durability: 184
  • Load: 19546
  • Stability: 1776
  • Turning Ability: 1757


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User-written reviews

  • Odd heavy reverse joint legs. They have low stability, making it hard to fit back cannons on them (which is near mandatory for heavies). However, they have impressive load, high AP for reverse jointed legs, and impressive speed for heavy legs, all while maintaining the reverse-joint aerial combat advantage - this unusual jack of all trades statline makes them well-suited to a mixed-weight build.—Preceding unsigned comment added by Kaori Daisho (message wallcontribs)