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The SOLUH (also known as SALAF or SALAUX) is a standard NEXT design created by Eqbal, later known as Algebra. Built with emphasis on speed, the SOLUH is a lightweight model with high mobility and good close range capability. However, it suffers from high energy consumption, low AP, and low defense ratings. These particular pros and cons make this particular NEXT best suited for the more experienced pilots. The most notable user of this NEXT is probably Maghrib Liberation Front's Amazigh, the Desert Wolf, the iconic hero of White Africa.

NEXT Users[]

Anil Hassan, Carrion Crow
K.K., Liver Drive
Amazigh, Barbaroi
Do Su, Starka

SOLUH in AC4[]

NEXT Schematic AC4 SALAF

The SOLUH as it appears in Armored Core 4, under the name "SALAF"

In Armored Core 4, the SOLUH is the main NEXT type used by Eqbal as well as Technocrat. The basic design includes a back mounted rocket launcher, a short range machine gun, and a shot gun.



SOLUH, as seen in Armored Core: For Answer loading screen

By the time of ACFA, almost all of Eqbal's (now Algebra) SOLUH Lynx have been destroyed as a result of the Lynx War. The only remaining user of a "pure" SOLUH design is Do Su, a Lynx working for Technocrat. The SOLUH is no longer offered as a starting unit, but selecting Omer Science as a sponsor and completing missions for them quickly unlocks the SOLUH, and since it uses Omer/Rosenthal parts, the schematic is easy to complete.


  • The Soluh is the type of NEXT present in the Armored Core 4 test mode
  • It's the most mobile starter AC