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General information
ClassificationFlying battleship
EquipmentGrenade launchers, machine gun turrets
Known battlesOperation Dead Man Walking
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 2

The STAI is a gargantuan flying battleship created by the Balena corporation and owned by the Earth Government. It is the greatest weapon on Mars, armed with firepower enough to destroy the planet itself. An LCC military facility stores it underground.


Originally dormant, it was commandeered by the Frighteners mercenary unit when they took over the LCC facility while distracting the Earth Government's forces with the upheavals on Mars. The Earth Government speculates that the Frighteners leader Leos Klein intends to use the STAI to attack Mars from the safety of Phobos, one of the planet's moons.[1]

In response, the Earth Government commences Operation Dead Man Walking, wherein five transport planes carrying Ravens intercept the stolen vessel at Vezel Desert before it can reach Phobos. The colossal battleship's fortifications eliminate the majority of the Earth Government forces, leaving Brazen and a certain Raven the only invaders who successfully infiltrate the STAI. Brazen is killed while making his way through the behemoth whereas the other Raven overcomes its defenders, among whom are Frightener Boyle Fortner and Klein who then escapes to Phobos.[1]


The STAI is the setting for the mission "Infiltrate STAI Battleship" from Armored Core 2. Its exterior is protected by four giant grenade launcher turrets, four giant machine gun turrets, and numerous respawning fighter jets. The interior, meanwhile, is occupied by Disorder Units: eight Zikade, twenty-three Biene, and two Sauterelle. Also present inside are six gun turrets that are non-hostile but can be destroyed. Two AC pilots — Boyle and Klein — guard the innermost areas.


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