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Safeguard Escape Route is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Safeguard Escape Route

A Sniper MT preparing to fire on the escaping convoy.


Client: Navis

Details: Defend escaping convoy. Prevent destruction of escaping convoy.

Advance: 0c

Reward: 90000c

Area: Bayload City Suburb

Remarks: Your reward will be based on the number of vehicles that escape destruction.



3 CR-MT85M


Operator: Raven, protect the convoy.

Operator: The convoy is sustaining heavy loses.


This is a quick mission that drops you right into a hot situation. Once you are given control, the ambush is already underway, and you are surrounded. From your starting position, two CR-MT85M are to your left, one ahead and one behind; another to right side of the road, near the hill in the distance; one CR-MT83RS on four o'clock, and the final MT83RS on the most distant hill up twelve o'clock. Move quickly to draw the fire to you sooner and relieve the convoy. There is no way to save every vehicle in the transport - all you can do is eliminate the attackers as quickly as you can. The simplest way is to engage the two MT85Ms near you first, then the MT83RS lurking to the right, and then to proceed to the last MT85M and MT83RS further ahead. Long range hard-hitting weapons should do the job most easily.

There is a hidden part in this mission: the RAIJIN wave blade. It is covered by one of the truck wrecks toppled in the initial cutscene attack, right in front of you. Destroy the wreck to reveal the blade for your acquisition.