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Sauterelle (Grasshopper) is the name ofa reverse-joint Disorder Unit that appears in Armored Core 2.


The Sauterelle is an unmanned Disorder Unit, roughly the size of an AC. The unit is armed with many energy weapons. It has two energy weapons as weapon arms, two on the shoulders, two on the sides of the head and one on the head. The unit is fairly agile and has a pretty high endurance but does not have boost capabilities.


  • Energy Weapons


Appears three times as an enemy. They appear in the missions:


  • Name is revealed in the Armored Core 10 Works Complete File book.
  • The unit appearing in the mission Capture Cargo seems to have higher AP than the ones appearing in Infiltrate STAI Battleship and Phobos. This might be due to it being a prototype or it was modified by Zio Matrix.