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Scalopus A-3

Scalopus A-3 Unit with its rear laser cannon showing.

Scalopus A-3 is the unofficial fan name translated from "Sukaropusu A-3" for a modified transport that appears in Silent Line: Armored Core.


The Scalopus A-3 unit is a manned cargo transport much larger than any regular ACs or MTs. It is made up of three parts, a front, middle and rear car. Its weapons include four rear machine gun turrets, six side machine gun turrets on each side (12 side turrets total), and four frontal machine gun turrets. The cargo transport also comes equipped with a large laser cannon mounted at its rear end. Its weaponry is dangerous, especially the laser cannon. The cargo transport moves surprisingly fast almost being capable of outrunning a boosting AC. Its armor is considerable taking a large amount of damage to destroy.


  • 4 Rear Machine Gun Turrets
  • 12 Side Machine Gun Turrets (6 Left, 6 Right)
  • 4 Frontal Machine Gun Turrets
  • 1 Rear End Laser Cannon (Hidden)


The Scalopus A-3 unit appears as a boss-type enemy in the following mission:


  • Name comes from a Japanese website and the translation is pending.