Scalp Lock is a Raven who appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age.
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He is encountered in the mission Terminate Raven. During the mission he was fighting against Soul, but his Arena match got interrupted by the Raven and he teams up with Soul to fight him.

AC NitenEdit

Niten is a lightweight two-legged AC equipped with an orbit cannon dual back weapon, laser blade weapon arms, an orbit maker inside weapon and an overboost core.


Scalp Lock in reality isn't all that hard to beat. He's only got the orbit cannons as his only ranged weapon and they have limited ammo. Even with the orbit maker inside weapon, he's still a beginner at using them, so this is the least of your concern. You can easily run him out of ammo, and once he's out of ammo, he'll simply try to boost toward to land a hit with his blades. Keep your distance from him and he will pose no threat.

If you want to take him out first, just ensure that Soul does not have his sights on you, or not you'll constantly to be taking fire while taking out Scalp Lock.



  • His AC's name is translated from a japanese website and is pending.
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