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Scouter Flea is the name for a biological weapon that appears a few times as an enemy in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

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Scouter Flea

Produced by the the queen of this bio mechanical "race" of organisms, Scouter Fleas are weaker but much more numerous than their mother.


The Scouter Flea is a Biological Weapon. It appears to be a six-legged flea, roughly two third the size of an AC. Its only weapon is a high-heat rifle mounted in the mouth, that will cause your AC to overheat fast. Due to being biological the player cannot lock on to this unit unless it is equipped with a bio sensor. It also cannot be seen on the radar. They are capable of jumping very high to evade attacks and can move pretty fast on the ground with their legs.


  • High-heat Rifle


The Scouter Flea appears in three missions as enemies. They appear in the missions: