Search Vilius Laboratory is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Kisaragi

Advance: 0

Upon success: 46000c

Operation Area: Vilius Laboratory

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Rescue reconnaissance patrol

Operation Code: Botanical Garden

Client Name: Kisaragi

Place Name: Vilius Laboratory

Start Time: 04:30

Security Level: 5

Estimated Success Rate: 32%

Recommended Raven Rank: B


"We've lost contact with our scientists working at Vilius Laboratory. A reconnaissance patrol was sent to investigate, but they haven't checked in. We'd like you to conduct a rescue mission.

Top-secret research is routinely carried out in the lab and access can only be gained by first bypassing a winding labyrinth of tunnels.

Although we don't know the exact whereabouts of the reconnaissance patrol, it's likely they became lost before reaching the lab. Perform a thorough search and rescue them if possible.

As I'm sure you are aware, anything you learn or uncover during the assignment must be held in the strictest confidence. Good luck.



Recovery Team: "They're here somewhere. Let's go."

Recovery Team: "Commencing our search. Good luck Raven."

Emma: "The lock release is submerged."

Emma: "You'll have to drain the water."

Emma: "Target detected. They're close by."

Lab scientist: "You made it... We're saved."

Recovery Team: "Rescue target located. Let's get out of here."

Emma: "Operation complete. Great work Raven."


This is a rather long and annoying mission. You will have to navigate your way through narrow cavern passages, shafts and elevators while dealing with a ton of enemies along the way. Although it is not necessary to destroy those enemies to complete the mission, they can be a pain in the ass if you just leave them be. It's usually better to destroy some, if not all of the enemies there. Your actual objective is to simply find your way to the elevator that will bring you to the facility above. If you are quick enough, you can unlock the extra mission Eliminate Bio Weapon.


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