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Search and Destroy is the starting mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.



Requester: Unknown

Reward: 33000

Location: Materials dump

Mission: Destroy all defending units within three minutes

Mission Place: Resources Accumulation Base

Mission Code Name: Bricks

Start Time: 0735


Before actual employment, we would like to gauge your true power.
Destroy all opposing forces.

Target any troops you see defending the materials dump. Destroy all
opposition. You will have three minutes.

If possible, destroy the materials dump as well. Do not worry, we will
provide an additional reward depending on your skills.



<Communication interception>: "Mayday! Mayday! We are under attack by an unknown machine! Requesting immediate assistance!"

<Communication interception>: "Repeat! We are under attack by unknown forces! Please assist immediately!"

<Communication interception>: "Whew!" (Plays if the communication tower they are broadcasting with is destroyed)



Armored Core Project Phantasma Search and Destroy

This mission is all about speed and destruction. The first enemy is a security MT to your left, just beyond the first plateau. Deal with him first and then work your way through the train yard. Destroy everything in sight for the maximum bonus.

With the freight train and cargo cars destroyed, find the storage area of the materials dump. The dump is fenced in an area on the other side of the railroad tracks. The immediate threat is a small tank that patols the dump. Send a few small rockets into his armor and work your way through the dump.

There are two more tanks to deal with, but do not destroy them until you have finished destroying the boxes in the materials dump. When the two tanks are destroyed, the msision is over. Youa re given three minutes to dispose of the enemy and work over the dump, use every second of it.

When working through the dump, use your laser sword or another energy weapon. While you get a bonus for each box destroyed, using expensive ammunition can make their destruction a loosing proposition.


  • You should use the three minutes you get to the fullest and destroy as much as possible if you need money.
  • Near the train yard, directly in front of where you spawn, you can see what appears to be a small hut. If you destroy this hut, the constant unending communication requesting for backup will stop.