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Whiteland Area Snowy Region5

The point of entry of the factory.

Secret Factory Recon is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester: Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 0

Upon success: 32000

Theater of operations: Whiteland Area Snowy Region

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Find entrance, destroy lock


Our intelligence has determined that Chrome has an underground factory in the snowy region of Whiteland. We plan to send our Special Forces to destroy the factory.

We are looking for someone to scout out the entrance to the factory in advance of the attack. Your mission is to find the point of entry and destroy the door lock system.

There is no particular need to engage the enemy, but we will pay an 800 C bonus per enemy MT destroyed.

The main force will attack 6 minutes after you start, so your executing the mission within this time limit is absolutely necessary for the surprise attack to succeed.

Due to its nature, this mission will be a night maneuver.




Radio: We have reached the target. The main corps will arrive in 6 minutes. Find the entrance before then.

Radio: We have your position. Break in from there.



Armored Core Secret Factory Recon

This is a timed mission but you have more than enough time to complete it, as long as the player keeps moving. The flying MTs are a pain as they equip flamethrowers but are easily to defeat from range. The Missile Launcher that can be obtained is fairly good so it's a good upgrade from the /2 and fires in a horizontal trajectory unlike the /6 version.

Try to flank the map on the right side, it is faster and you only alert 4 Moths, laserblade the SAM on the map corners so they cannot stun you.

The location of the target can be seen on the map, so this mission is very easy to complete. It is on the northwest corner of the map. After the lock is destroyed (any weapon can destroy it), the aircraft come in and the mission is complete.


  • There is a hidden part (WM-S60/4) in the corner of the map. It is hidden in a box.
  • You get +800 for each enemy destroyed.
  • The Barracuda is only seen in the beginning cutscene and the Hayates are only seen in the ending cutscene.
  • Move constantly and try to not alert more than one Moth, also, dont let them get too close to you, they can easily melt through the strongest armor in seconds, luckily, even the starting shoulder weapon can kill them in three shots.