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Crest Research Lab

Crest Research Facility Tower

Sector 517 is a location in Armored Core 3. It is found in the 3rd Layer: District 1 of Layered.


Sector 517 is a metropolis area controlled by Crest. Its appearance is almost identical to Sector 513 in that it is made up of a number of tall buildings, grass courtyards and low ceilings. What makes the area unique however, are its glass ceiling and the Crest Research Facility found at its center.

The area sees a fair degree of action when a Crest transport carrying a rare and precious metal alloy is close to reaching the Crest Research Facility. A number of MTs and Shadow Age unsuccessfully attempt to stop the transport from reaching its destination.

Sector 517 is an area of combat in the mission Safeguard Alloy Sample.