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Secure Fortress NK-432 is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Crest Industries

Advance: 0

Upon success: 64000c

Operation Area: AI Fortress NK-432

Enemy Forces: Pod MTs, Patrol MTs, Other (Unknown)

Objective: Destroy AI mainframe computer

Operation Code: Safecracking

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: AI Fortress NK-432

Start Time: 06:30

Security Level: 9

Estimated Success Rate: 13%

Recommended Raven Rank: A


"A few hours ago, a major malfunction was registered by the system setup to monitor operations at all of our AI-controlled fortresses. The cause remains unknown."

"The problem is affecting all AI-controlled equipment, from mobile defense units to stationary security devices, everything has gone haywire."

"Emergency strike teams have been dispatched to those facilities where the problem is most widespread, but the initial feedback we're receiving is not encouraging."

"Fortress NK-432 is the facility proving most difficult to recapture. One attempt already failed, and we're hesitant to squander more of our assets on another try."

"What we require is the expertise that only a Raven can offer, please head to the fortress and destroy the AI mainframe computer. A Raven familiar with the facility will accompany you."





Emma: "The mainframe computer lies deep within."

Emma: "You'll cover ground faster if you split up."

Emma: "The entire fort is controlled by the computer. Advance with care."

Eclair: "Roger."

Emma: "Energy surge detected. Move fast Raven!"

Emma: "Destroy the controls along the walls to advance."

Eclair: "Raven, do you copy? I can't advance until you've destroyed the controls."

Eclair: "I'm under attack, hurry!"

Eclair: "Lock released, moving up"

Eclair: "Raven, I'll destroy the controls here, that should open the gate."

Eclair: "Hang in there."

Eclair: "The gate should be open. Move up."

Emma: "An unmanned AC... Raven, open fire!"

Eclair: "Raven, I'm here."(if you take too long in defeating the AC)


The best type of AC for this mission is one that has high energy defense due to the amount of laser and pulse defense systems. Also a blade or high ammo, low cost weapon would be a good idea for all the locked doors you have to open. The main threat is the Pod MTs that never stop respawning in a couple rooms, and the amount of firepower the have may be weak, but they will kill a chance at an S-Rank if left unchecked.

Weapons that might work good are the chaingun, grenade launcher, the MCH-MX/GRP is a great EO core because they can kill the Patrol MTs without exposing yourself. Go heavy on this mission (ie Tank build and lots of AP and defense) and you should do just fine.



After you get through the first Pod MT and past the room with the 2x Feuerberg room look to your right wall, near the door with the switch, to find the hidden panel. Destroy this panel and go through the vents until you find a box next to a pit leading back to the Pod MT room. In the box is your new head.

Alternatively you could destroy the panel on the ceiling in the Pod MT room and fly directly into the room with the head, entering the vents and bypassing the Feuerberg room.


Just beyond the first Pod MT room there is a fork to go forward to the unlocking mechanism, or go left into a room full of boxes. Don't shoot boxes with red arrows on them or you'll destroy the part! Shoot only the blank boxes on top of stacks to avoid blowing up the room. After you make it to the other side of the room, on the ground.


Destroy the AI AC and don't let Eclair (your consort AC) die.


To earn this part, you have to destroy 30+ enemies and maintain a high amount of AP after the mission is over. Good luck.