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Secure Unexplored Region

Transport Copter carrying The Raven into the Silent Line

Secure Unexplored Region is one of the final missions in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Global Cortex

Advance: 0

Upon success: 100000c

Operation Area: Silent Line

Enemy Forces: High-end MTs, Heavy MTs (Unknown Number)

Objective: Destroy unmanned patrol units

Operation Code: Former Glory

Client Name: Global Cortex

Place Name: Silent Line

Start Time: 05:00

Security Level: 3

Estimated Success Rate: 11%

Recommended Raven Rank: A


Global Cortex recently received identical mission requests from each of the corporations. We've opted for a single mission in order to expedite the requests and still meet all of their needs

Each of the corporations is interested in conducting a survey of the unexplored region. They want to determine the source of the signal that caused their AI equipment failures.

Little is known about the area, but a cursory examination revealed that it is being patrolled by a large force of unmanned units, almost as if they were guarding something.

In order to conduct the survey, we first need to remove the threat presented by the patrols. Head to the area and eliminate any targets you encounter.



Emma:Multiple heat sources detected. They seem to be protecting something.

Emma:Raven, watch yourself.

Emma:Target approaching... There are two ACs!

UNKNOWN:. . . . . .

UNKNOWN:. . . . . . . . .


This mission will pose a challenge to all. Try not to engage them head-on because there are a lot of patrol units and you will need to conserve AP and ammo for the two unmanned AC's you will fight. Any AC will work on this mission, just make sure it has good mobility or defense or both if possible. It is optional if you want to bring a blade or not but it works well.

Mobility is the best thing to have and a chain gun with OP-INTENSIFY (if available) will do wonders. Most of the MTs in the mission are very powerful models and appear in large numbers. If you want to get the highest ranking, you'll have to also battle the two ACs although with enough ammo and mobility, they shouldn't be a problem. Endurance is the name of the game for this mission and it is important to conserve as much as possible. If the target can be taken down with a blade, do so. Naturally try to avoid crossfire from other MTs to help conserve AP for this mission.



At the start of the mission go into the crater ahead of you and slash the cargo door open. Inside you will find the part lying in the planes cargo bay.


Destroy the AI patrol teams quick enough and you'll fight the AI ACs. After you destroy them you will receive an email and the part will be in your garage.