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Sera Cross / Serre Croire
General information
Classification AI
Gender Female
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Artificial Intelligence Offices, IBIS
Occupation AIO liaison, Second Layered Administrator
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Silent Line
Voice actor Masako Katsuki (Jap)

Sera Cross known in Japan as Serre Croire (セレ・クロワール Sere Kurowāru) is a character in Armored Core: Silent Line. While at first appearing to play a minor role, it is later revealed to be an alter-ego of IBIS, the main antagonist.


An enigmatic woman working for the AIO, who occasionally relays supportive information to the player; however her motives appear to be rather questionable. The player saves her in "Power Plant Emergency" and she maintains contact with the Raven. As the story progresses, it is revealed that the technology that her company, the Artificial Intelligence Office, has been providing is now going berserk and that she is nowhere to be found. After it is revealed that she is somewhere behind the Silent Line, the Raven is sent in to investigate in the newly discovered Second Layered.

In "Attack Unexplored Region," it is revealed that Sera Cross is actually IBIS, the Controller of the Second Layered. After a grueling battle, the Raven defeats her and frees Second Layered from IBIS's control.


Armored Core: Silent Line Portable[]


  • Sera is the only AI character who cries out in pain when defeated as opposed to others who simply repeat a pre-recorded message upon destruction.