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Shadow Age - Emblem
Shadow Age
General information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Cortex
Occupation Raven
Rank C-12
Craft AC Grinder
Known battles Operation Razzle-Dazzle
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 3

Shadow Age is a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. He is affiliated with Global Cortex and ranked C-12 in the Arena.

He is partnered with Kalchas in the Extra Arena and they hold the title of the fourteenth highest ranked team.


Shadow Age was hired by Crest Industries to destroy an alloy sample guarded by a Raven, who kills him in the ensuing battle.

AC Grinder | Crush Bone[]

AC Grinder

AC Grinder

Grinder (Crush Bone in Japanese, クラッシュボーン, Kurasshu Bo-n) is a quick, moderately armored, AC that employs the use of an energy shield, breach blade, and two rocket launchers. It uses the ICICLE radiator which compensates well for the heat generated by numerous Overboost charges.



Shadow Age appears as an enemy in the mission Safeguard Alloy Sample. He is defeated by The Raven during one of his blind rushes.

In-Game Information[]

A close-range combatant who disregards all damage inflicted on his AC as he blind rushes the enemy. More often than not, his opponents falter just long enough, that their fate is sealed then and there. Most pilots go out of their way to avoid Grinder.


This is another opponent with a very specific build, this one being a parry blade-armed AC. Shadow Age's strategy is straightforward: blindly rushing towards you while peppering you with rocket fire. If an opening presents itself, he will switch to his parry blade. However, note that his parry blade takes time to wind up its animation, so there's enough time to see it coming and quickly move out of the way. There is also a distinct sound effect cue that will signal the parry blade wind-up; simply do anything to stay out of Grinder's arms reach to avoid the blow. If you keep moving in any direction but towards him, he is practically guaranteed to miss. Since Shadow Age will simply blind rush you with complete disregard for dodging or avoiding damage, any kind of weapon is usable on him. Also, because of his frequent usage of Overboost, he's prone to overheating. Take advantage of this, and mow him down with powerful weapons of your own, though do make an effort to stay out of his direct line of fire, as he will shoot rockets to attempt to stun you before going in for a parry blade hit. However, the repeated Overboost dashes are going to leave Grinder constantly exposed to flanking as long as you can dodge the joust attempts of his, which is not that hard to to. While Shadow Age's dedication to his weapon of choice can be commendable, ultimately this is not going to be that much of a fight unless you choose to indulge him into a melee brawl. Otherwise, just shoot him with anything you got from a safe distance and he will fall rather easily.

AC3 Screenshot

Grinder (Green AC)

In the mission Safeguard Alloy Sample, Shadow Age appears after you have crossed the 2nd gate, and will Overboost toward you, employing the same blind rushing technique he uses in the Arena. Owing to the map's somewhat tight space and area, Shadow Age is fairly dangerous, but not unbeatable. Though it is possible to ignore him, it's better to get him out of the way as he will attempt to distract you from the Scutum MTs that lie in the path of the transport, which is the mission priority. Since Shadow Age will willingly eat up any and all damage that comes his way, there's no need to hold back. Hit him with everything you got, and be sure to avoid his parry blade as that will give you trouble. If you can get that out of the way, he will simply become a nuisance that you'll need to get rid of along with the MTs.



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