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Shaky - Emblem

Shaky's Emblem

Shaky is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus. He is an unranked Raven who appears in the Free Arena.


Lightweight AC design loaded out with dual bazookas and a stored blade. The pilot takes a while to get warmed up, and is usually slow out of the gate.

AC Peacemaker[]

Peacemaker is a middleweight bipedal AC equipped with anti-missile extensions, a pair of bazookas as its main weapons and a laser blade as a left arm hangar weapon. The unit is also equipped with OP-INTENSIFY.

The unit is shown to drop its left arm bazooka a few seconds after the battle starts, utilizing only its laser blade as its left arm weapon.

AC Peacemaker

AC Peacemaker


Shaky is not that much of an opponent, especially for a "bonus" Ranker. His movement is rather predictable and he is not very aggressive, taking his time to fire at you with the bazookas. It is easy to get close to him and blindside him. He gets a little more threatening once he unholsters his blade, but even then he remains fairly slow, and Peacemaker does not possess a lot of armor either.