A Shotgun being used.

A Shotgun is a type of weapon seen in all Armored Core games.


Much like their human mounted counterparts, shotguns are short range weapons that fire hundreds of pellets or slugs that spread out from the barrel of the gun. While powerful (The damage is calculated for each pellet that hits), they are only useful in very close ranges. Back mounted variants are called Slug guns. In Armored Core: For Answer, it is noted that they are effective Anti-PA weapons.

Some models of other weapons, such as Laser Rifles, Rockets, Bazookas, and Pulse Rifles have spread effects, similar to shotguns.


Like most weapons in Armored Core, the Shotgun works much like they do in real life. Much like the Machine Gun, the damage that a Shotgun deals is misleading and actually quite random. A Shotgun fires a group of pellets referred to as shot. Each individual pellet deals damage so at close quarters, this can be massive, rivaling more powerful weapons. However this works both ways as with a mobile target, you may not be able to finish off a target at range. Shotguns can be useful for tight combat but in general situations, they aren't too useful.

Slug GunEdit

The Slug Gun is the original shotgun (as the first true Shotguns were added in Armored Core 2) in the series and in games with heat, it can be a real killer, causing massive damage up close and also high heat. As Heat drains Energy in Nexus and beyond, this can be a deadly combination against ACs. Still the gun suffers the same issues that regular Shotguns suffer from.

List of Notable Shotgun/Slug Gun usersEdit

List of Shotguns/Slug Guns Edit

Armored Core 3:





Slug Guns-


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