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"Shutdown Energy Plant" is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven and Armored Core: Last Raven Portable.


Requester: Alliance Tactical Unit

Operation Area: Querr Energy Plant

Objective: Destroy the power supply controls

Reward: 112,000c

Start Time: 20:18


We want you to help us put one of the Vertex's main power plants out of commission.

Infiltrate the facility and destroy all of the reactor's power supply controls. This should render it inoperable.

If the mission ends up taking too long, enemy reinforcements will be sent in from a nearby base.

Also, we don't know what types of units are deployed at the plant, so proceed with care.



The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

This mission has a hard and easy way of completing it although for the Zinaida Path, you need to do the hard way of doing it. This involves a fighting against an AC and a Pulverizer so plan accordingly although the Pulverizer is the weakest, the Tank. The first to MTs are Shield equipped so wait until they go to attack to destroy them. After proceeding through down the path, you'll soon encounter a flamthrower equipped MT and this makes them very dangerous in small areas. After encoutering the first large room, there are two paths, one on the left and the right. The one on the right has the energy shield FUTEN that's guarded by two flamethrower MTs. Continuing through the left allows you to continue, just watch out for the flamethrower MTs. After destroying the four targets, the place goes dark so hopefully you have Night Vision. Upon entering the second large room you entered while you were on the way to destroy the targets, you find G. Faust. He's not that good of an AC but the close quarters make him deadly with the blade. You can counter with a blade or pound him with heavy weapons but save some for the Pulverizer. After killing him find your way out of the facility and the Tank Pulverizer shows up. It's fairly powerful with twin plasma cannons and MOONLIGHT like arm blades but it's slow like a normal tank and isn't that well armored. After pounding it enouhg, it will fall and the mission is over.
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