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Shutdown Nuclear Shelter is a mission in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Requester: Emeraude

Advance: 0

Upon success: 42000

Theater of operations: Derelict Nuclear Shelter

Enemy forces: AC X 1, MTs X 10

Objective: Destroy the control mechanism

File No: T-MM-4556

Code Name: Ten Commandments

Client: Emeraude

Opponent: Zio Matrix

Place: Derelict Nuclear Shelter

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 13:15

Estimated Success Rate: 40%


Zio Matrix is using the guise of a research effort as a means to
occupy the derelict nuclear shelter. They obviously intend to
monopolize any useful technology they find.

Their excavation and research is progressing steadily. If things
continue at this rate, they'll become so entrenched, that no effort on
our part would be able to subdue them.

However, one opportunity still remains. According to our spies, there
is a device that controls the entire facility. Destroying it will buy
us some time.

Zio Matrix is sure to have forces on hand to deal with intruders,
destroy any opposition you encounter.



Operator: "Enemy AC detected."

Announcement: "Control mechanism destroyed. Sealing off all floors."

Operator: "The security gates are being closed. There’s no time to waste."



Armored Core 2 Another Age Shutdown Nuclear Shelter

There's an AC that you get to fight at the beginning of the level. He's not too difficult overall but be sure not to lose too much health when facing him. He has the tendency to overboost to evade your shots so don't fire at him blindly. It's best recommended to have a blade to deal with him as well.

Once the AC is defeated, you will head through a door where the control mechanism is located. Destroy it and you will have to make your way out to the escape point. Along the way you will encounter some rather durable MTs. Clear them up as you go along. It's best to destroy them too as you get additional cash bonuses for doing so.


  • There is a time limit of three minutes to escape after the control mechanism is destroyed.
  • You get an additonal 10000 for the destruction of the AC and an additonal 1500 for each Rean Ape unit.