Signs' Logo

Signs is an organization that appears in Armored Core: Verdict Day. It is responsible for organizing mercenary contracts with other factions.


Much like previous groups such as the Ravens' Ark or Global Cortex, Signs serves as a mediator group for mercenaries that allows them to be found and hired by clients who wish to employ their services. They use an off-hands approach, which means that they offer only the bare minimum in services and information to both the merc and client. This means that their is a certain level of unpredictability in the quality of firepower it supplies.

Despite receiving criticism for this "randomness," the high degree of anonymity that Signs offers makes their services highly sought after, especially for more illicit operations.

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  • It is likely that Signs is yet another front for The Foundation, as they make heavy use of the UNAC technology developed by them. In addition, all of the missions assigned to the player as well as the mercenaries opposing them are handled by Signs, and it is heavily implied that The Foundation is responsible for these contracts in their relentless pursuit and assassination of skilled mercenaries.Pages related to Reaper Squad.