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The Arena of Silent Line: Armored Core is composed of 44 Global Cortex Ravens. Like the previous game Armored Core 3, all Arena Ravens become one rank lower each time the player advances; once the player defeats Carom, for example, Carom goes from Rank C-1 to Rank C-2 while Mileage goes from Rank D-7 to Rank E-1. When the game begins, the Arena is initially filled by a mere 30 Ravens, with "XA-26483" — the player character — at Rank E-9, the bottommost rank at the time. The 14 Ravens ranked E-10 and below are added to the roster as the game progresses; some of these are MT pilots who become Ravens once certain missions are completed.

The reintroduction of Irregulars in Silent Line: Armored Core means that not all Ravens encountered in missions can be fought in the Arena; for example, Deathgrip is an Irregular who appears exclusively in "Repel Assault."

The Armored Core: Silent Portable version adds Double Heart and Selfish, two Ravens from the novel Armored Core: Brave New World.


Rank Emblem Raven AC In-game description
Mobius - Emblem
Mobius Infinity

Secure in his position at the head of the arena, Mobius' only motive for continuing his training is to ensure that the skills which brought him this far do not diminish. Those who have tried to unseat him quickly learned why he is ranked number one.[1]

The former Arena champion, he has little on his mind other than reclaiming what was lost. The ferocity with which he used to fight is nothing compared to the blind fury he demonstrates in his current matches. Will the top spot be his again?[1]

Zero - Emblem
Zero Scrap Pile Tried and true combat tactics have enabled this pilot to maintain his place among the Arena's best. His AC is equipped with a variety of weapons which he uses to great effect. He anxiously waits the day he and Shatter meet face-to-face.[2]
Shade - Emblem
Shade Silhouette Very aggressive, this pilot wastes no time before going on the offensive. His strategy combines hit-and-move tactics with an agile, well-outfitted AC. Pilots that hope to face the A-ranked Ravens must first defeat Shade, few do.[3]
Haunted - Emblem
Haunted Sharpshooter Haunted is one of the rare few who knows exactly what they want and possess the innate ability to effortlessly realize their goal. He reached his current rank shortly after joining the Arena and is considered the best long-range combatant.[4]
Silver Fox - Emblem
Silver Fox Lurker Despite years of trying, this Arena veteran's longtime dream of reaching A-ranks has yet to be realized. He knows that as time passes, so do his chances. The concerted effort he has been putting forth lately has those above him taking notice.[5]
Corpse Maker - Emblem
Corpse Maker Health Taker A skilled close range combatant, he prefers to use the weapons arms equipped on his AC when near an opponent and switches to either his laser cannon or missiles when fighting from mid to long-range. His ranking fluctuates at times, but not by much.[6]
Revolution - Emblem
Revolution Bruiser Not one to take part in mission assignments, he favors the intense action of head-to-head Arena combat to the exclusion of everything else. He pilots a heavy AC decked out with high power weapons and shows no mercy once a match begins.[7]
Carom - Emblem
Carom Firebird According to fellow pilots, Carom should not be among the living. He has escaped certain death more times than anyone can recall and has never offered an explanation for this odd phenomenon. Lady Luck surely watches over this pilot.[8]
G - Emblem
G Thunderstorm G's preferred combat style can be best described as "in your face." He fears no Raven, and this fact becomes readily apparent from the very moment your enter the Arena to face him. His matches against Ironman are always a hit with the crowd.[9]
Shatter - Emblem
Shatter Spite His motivation for joining the Raven order is to exact revenge on the one responsible for slaughtering his family all those years ago. The need to see that justice is served supersedes all else. Given his steady progress, Zero's days seem numbered.[10]
Ironman - Emblem
Ironman Hyper Alloy Appropriately named, Ironman normally gives his opponents a chance to get in a few hits before retaliating. He does this to give them the impression that they've gained the upper hand, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.[11]
Porcupine - Emblem
Porcupine Barbed Wire This lightweight AC design suits the pilot to a tee, providing him with the speed he needs in order to execute close-in attacks with his favorite weapon, the blade. When unable to close on an opponent, the dual chain guns are brought to bear.[12]
Solo - Emblem
Solo Bobcat After being betrayed by a Raven who he thought was a friend, Solo decided it was time to strike out on his own. He no longer accepts missions that require him to work alongside others and now operates an AC more conducive to solitary combat.[13]
Prominence - Emblem
Prominence Water Hazard Unable to swim, this pilot equips his AC with hover leg parts to avoid any and all contact with water. No other pilot is as adept in the use of hover legs as Prominence; his fear of water has had a beneficial side effect.[14]
Apophis - Emblem
Apophis Cobra A heartless Raven who delights in the suffering of others. He is disliked by most of his peers because of his unsportsmanlike conduct and is a frequent target of pilots looking to teach him a lesson in humility.[15]
Ballistic - Emblem
Ballistic Breakshot Known for both his flamboyant combat presentations and AC color scheme, this pilot is a fan favorite. Nothing excites them more than witnessing one of his spectacular missile salvos. His opponents are usually less enthusiastic.[16]
Rodeo - Emblem
Rodeo Unruly He compares operating his AC to "riding a wild, untamed bronco." The high performance booster and generator equipped on the unit make it extremely agile, but as the pilot himself is willing to admit, perfecting the controls takes time.[17]
Rotation - Emblem
Rotation Hook Equipped with a wide selection of weapon types, Rotation's true dilemma is choosing which one to use, and when. All too often, he'll become so bogged down trying to settle on the best choice for a situation, that any advantage is quickly lost.[18]
Ori - Emblem
Ori Moon Salt An exhibitionist who believes Arena battles should be as much about entertainment as they are about victory. This is not to say that he doesn't have the same aspirations as the other competitors, he just favors a different approach.[19]
Calamity - Emblem
Calamity Pitfall Calamity derives enjoyment from tricking her opponent with well-timed feints and attacks. To her, outwitting her opponent is the ultimate achievement. As clever as she is, she has been known to falter when the tables are turned.[20]
Mileage - Emblem
Mileage Venom Because of his loathing for waste of any form, he does his best to choose targets with care and fires his weapons when a hit is assured. He and Gimlet have very different views regarding tactics and do not get along.[21]
Gold Bit - Emblem
Gold Bit Clover Knight Membership in a radical group striving to revive long lost traditions has caused some to label her as old-fashioned. She adheres to textbook strategies, but is beginning to rethink their effectiveness after a series of back-to-back losses.[22]
Gimlet - Emblem
Gimlet Leopard Using whatever means necessary to win, Gimlet is not known for his grace under fire. He expends ammunition at breakneck pace and could care less about what others think of his strategy. Mileage and Gimlet have a long-running dispute and do not get along.[23]
Prophet - Emblem
Prophet Bullseye A pilot with very few Arena victories to his name, and an even worse mission completion record. He is convinced that he possesses great talent, but his performance doesn’t bear this out. Target acquisition issues prevent advancement.[24]
7th Heaven - Emblem
7th Heaven Utopia Unafraid to meet her opponents head on, Seventh Heaven’s AC is capable of both withstanding punishment and meting it out. The combination of her piloting abilities and self-confidence has been the downfall of many Arena hopefuls.[25]
Cobalt Blue - Emblem
Cobalt Blue Killer Whale A true survivor, Cobalt Blue overcame a series of childhood illnesses through sheer determination and strength of will. He brings these same traits to the Arena and is one of the lower tier’s most popular competitors.[26]
Bouquet - Emblem
Bouquet Flashback She suffers from amnesia and is struggling to recollect her past. The word “Raven” sparked something and she decided to pursue the lead in the hope of having a breakthrough. Frequent pauses during battle leave her vulnerable to attack.[27]
Shooting Star - Emblem
Shooting Star King Fisher A sore loser who can’t stand defeat, he prefers to blame his losses on malfunctioning equipment, bad timing, or any other excuse he can come up with on the fly. His arrogance is matched only by his bullheadedness.[28]
Little Bear - Emblem
Little Bear Double Wing Lacking the confidence to pursue his dream of one day becoming a Raven, Little Bear spent a number of years engaged in different professions before finally mustering the courage to take the initiation test. He passed, but just barely.[29]
E-9 Player choice "XA-26483" (player character) Player choice ???

The following are added as the game progresses:

Rank Emblem Raven AC In-game description
Irony - Emblem
Irony Carnage An old-school pilots who favors rapid-fire weapons over all others. He is rather arrogant for someone ranked so low and has made enemies because of this. His AC is flexible enough to perform well in a variety of situations.[30]
Brace - Emblem
Brace Equilibrium Content with her AC setup, and adamant in her ways, Brace is reluctant to make any part changes without first giving it a lot of thought. This is a pity, because she’d have a much better AC with just a few adjustments.[31]
Virtue - Emblem
Virtue Guardian Virtue and Brace often accompany each other on their mission assignments and work very effectively as a team. Although she is ranked slightly below Brace, Virtue is actually considered the better pilot and many expect her to advance in rank.[32]
Freedom - Emblem
Freedom Fireburst A Raven who is unable to fight to his true potential unless he feels cornered or threatened. The more dangerous a situation becomes, the better he performs. His matches are popular, as they often feature last minute comebacks.[33]
Ronin - Emblem
Ronin Chariot Normally he is a very sensible person, but as soon as he straps into his AC, something changes. Most of his competitors attribute this change to a bad case of nerves, but no one knows for sure. He would do better if he could relax.[34]
Eclair - Emblem
Eclair Nikita Originally piloting a close-range combat MT, she later switches to an AC. Long recognized as a pioneer in the field of close-range blade combat, she has become even more proficient now that she pilots an AC. Few pilots are willing to stand toe-to-toe with her, as most neglect their blade skills.[35]
Diligent - Emblem
Diligent Timetable Although she is most recognized for her work on reconnaissance missions, she also maintains a respectable win/loss record in the Arena. Clients frequently choose her over other Ravens when presented with especially difficult assignments.[36]
Drunkard - Emblem
Drunkard Reckless A promising new talent among the most recent crop of initiates, Drunkard limits his potential by refusing to break some of his more disreputable habits. Were he to clean up his act, many believe that he would be a serious contender.[37]
Advent - Emblem
Advent Warhead A young Raven who has been exhibiting a great deal of potential, this is the pilot that everyone has their eye on. He's working to refine his technique, and still has a few tricks to learn, but is otherwise on the fast track.[38]
Foreman - Emblem


Foreman Masterpiece Foreman never allows his opponents to dictate the pace of battle because, "If you make them follow your lead, then the job is already half done." When he isn't operating his MT or AC, it's almost certain he is tinkering with something on it to keep it in top form.[39]
Kebek - Emblem
Kebek Chisel Kebek's favored Arena strategy is to slowly and methodically strip away an opponents AP. This is usually done in such a subtle manner, that the pilot on the receiving end often fails to realize what's happening until it's too late.[40]
Nameless - Emblem
Nameless Enigma An enigmatic pilot who keeps to himself and maintain a low profile. He has never participated in the Arena before, but for some reason, decided now was the time. To judge him solely by his rank is a mistake.[41]

Armored Core: Silent Line Portable-exclusive[]

Rank Emblem Raven AC In-game description
Emblem ACSLP Double Heart
Double Heart Wiktoria Orphaned at an early age, this pilot was raised and trained by a a veteran Raven who mentored her in the skills of AC control. Teamed with her mentor's daughter, a skilled operator in her own right, the pair battle under the name of "Double Heart."


Emblem ACSLP Selfish
Selfish Forocus A veteran Raven who remained out of the public eye up until now. Willing to accept any dirty job, his peers refer to him as "The Cleaner." Known for his brutality in the Arena, his AC is equipped with untested parts provided by a certain benefactor.[43]


Armored Cores[]

Rank A[]

Rank B[]

Rank C[]

Rank D[]

Rank E[]


  • Double Heart's AC is named "Wiktoria" in the PSP port, unlike in the novel where it is "Victoria."


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