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Sir Maurescu
General information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Leonemeccanica
Occupation Lynx (Original)
Rank Orignals: Rank 9
Craft NEXT Lambda
Eras present National Dismantlement War
Pax Economica
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 4
Voice actor English: Quinton Flynn
Japanese: Tsuguo Mogami

Sir Maurescu is a Lynx that appears in Armored Core 4. He is ranked as the #9 Original

In-Game Biography[]

The quintessential Original, defined by extreme self-consciousness. His skills are proven but his strong desire for power makes a handful for his handlers at Leone.


Leonemecannica's top ranking Lynx, Sir Maurescu very early on reveals his arrogance and aggression during the mission Line of Defense. He arrives at Robert Mayer Bridge as a reinforcement sent by Leonemeccanica. He is defeated by Anatolia's Mercenary as the two face off on the nearby canyon cliffs.


Sir Maurescu is shown to be a very aggressive and cold pilot as he immediately talks down to the Mercenary. A man of very few words, Sir Maurescu is the only pilot to use the JADORE back weapon part. This may be indicative of his self-consciousness and desire for power.

NEXT Lambda[]


NEXT Lambda

Sir Maurescu pilots a brown TELLUS model NEXT with laser rifles, a large AS missile launcher and, in an attempt to rid it of its low defense against solid missile weaponry, a JADORE external PA rectifier.


  • "So you're Anatolia's mercenary. Let me remind you of your place."
  • "Ahhhh! But I'm... Why?!"
  • "Begone!"
  • "You belong in a normal!"
  • "(laughs)...We're in entirely different classes!"


  • R Front Stabilizer
    • Head/Top: HTS01-TELLUS-A
    • Head/R Side: None
    • Core/ R Upper: None
    • Core/ R Upper: None
  • L Front Stabilizer
    • Head/Top: HTS01-TELLUS-A
    • Head/L Side: None
    • Core/ L Upper: None
    • Core/ L Upper: None
  • L Rear Stabilizer
    • Core/L Lower: None
    • Arms/Left: None
    • Legs/Back: None
    • Legs/L Middle: None
    • Legs/L Lower: LLS01-TELLUS-A
  • R Rear Stabilizer
    • Core/R Lower: CLS01-TELLUS-A
    • Arms/Right: None
    • Legs/Back: None
    • Legs/R Middle: None
    • Legs/R Lower: None