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The Sirius Corporation is one of the major factions competing for control of the Towers and the technology therein.


The Sirius Corporation was founded by what was once the migrant federation known as the "Men of Honor." The impetus for their creation was the return of a de facto founding member of the MoH, Cordelia Stratford. This is because Cordelia would eventually become the founder of the Sirius Corporation.

Originally the MoH was a parliamentary styled organization, but after the return of Cordelia she had complete control. In the following years she concentrated on increasing the forces of the MoH and used her negotiation skills to add migrant groups to their cause. This growth continued on into Cordelia's later years.

After Cordelia's death, the Stratford family reorganized and changed the name of the organization to "Sirius." They eventually worked their way down to the South Frontier and joined other similar factions together under their name. The organization then changed its name to "Sirius Corporation," one of the largest organizations in the world.

With the shrinking of the Contamination, Sirius crossed the eastern seas and came into contact with Venide, the leading faction of the Mid-continent region. From then on, the two forces continued fighting each other.

Sirius aims to bring order to the world, a controlled eternal peace. They view the towers as not only a source of power, but as an icon that will bring about world peace. The power of the towers should be properly managed, and spread properly to ensure the prosperity of the people. They fight because they believe in this, their "Justice."


The commanders of each of Sirius's units are primarily mentally astute types who are good with strategies and understanding battle skills. Being an organized alliance, Sirius has certain attributes. The inability to relay customs and feelings through ranks, and because of this, they tend to prefer logical people in their ranks. The commander of the 101 unit, Carl O'Brien, and the commander of the first area unit, Aaron Forrestal, are prime examples of this. They also have a history of teaming up with Groster Stratford to save Sirius from its darker times, so they are held in high regard throughout the organization.


  • High Commander: Gloucester Stratford
  • Unit 101 Captain: Carl O'Brien
  • First Area Unit: Aaron Forrestal
  • Second Area Unit: Michael Morgan
  • Third Area Unit: Ryan Jones
  • Fourth Area Unit: Daniel Noah
  • Fifth Area Unit: Leila Wilson
  • Sixth Area Unit: Sheldon Taylor
  • Seventh Area Unit: Gene Taps

Military Force[]

  • 207th Squadron
  • Border Patrol Forces
  • Squad 513F (Recon Unit)
  • Squad 385C



In-game information[]

VoW Archive 02: Sirius Corporation[]

One of the Three Forces.

Initially formed in a merger of small colonies based in so-called "habitable areas," pockets of land that escaped total destruction. The former organization MoH is said to have been key among the faction's early constituents.

Ample resources enabled a comparatively swift recovery and commensurate expansion, leading to repeated, violent clashes with Venide. With the rise of EGF, that tension has developed into a three-way deadlock.

Photo credit: VoW


  • Reading the Personal File for Gloucester Stratford states that Cordelia had a major role in forming Sirius implying that Rosary took over Men of Honor after Regan died or that she used Men of Honor's assets to form her own group.
  • Sirius is a star of the constellation Canis Major that is the brightest star in the heavens. It could also refer to as "Siri" which means "Beautiful" or "victory" in the Scandinavian language, it is also a diminutive form of Sigrid from Old Norse.