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Snap - Emblem

Snap's Emblem

Snap, also known as Ratshika Wu Wei in Japanese (ラートシカ武威), is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus. He is ranked 16th in the Arena.


Pilot utilizes the unit's quad-leg mobility to maintain close-range combat while unleashing devastating shotgun blasts on those too slow to react.


AC Kraken

AC Kraken (US)/Kraken Azure (JP)[]

There are two versions of Kraken that Snap uses. The first one is a quad-legged model with close-range type weapons. They include a slug gun, an energy shotgun and a shotgun. The second version is a lightweight bipedal with the same arm weapon configuration but now having ditched the slug gun for a lightweight solid-shell EO core instead.

In the Japanese version, his AC is known as Kraken Azure (クラーケンアズール).

AC Kraken

AC Kraken


Snap is an exclusive shotgun user, which makes matters simple: just stay away from him and snipe him with anything that can hit him hard at a range where his shotguns falter. In particular, neither version of the Kraken AC does possess any extra countermeasures, rendering them completely vulnerable against missiles. Kraken's firepower might be impressive but will be for naught if you keep your distance at all times.


Kraken (first version)

Kraken (second version)