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Sniper rifles are powerful, long range rifles that give an AC the ability to engage targets from a distance while keeping out of harms way. Sniper rifles are also notorious for having high velocity, making it easier to hit your target. When combined with short range weapons, the sniper rifle gives your AC the ability to engage targets at any range, making you more of a threat. Sniper rifles also have a small lock on reticle, making it sometimes difficult to hit your target. There are 2 different types of sniper rifles.

Solid Shell[]

Solid shell sniper rifles are the most common type of sniper rifle. They are often lighter than energy based sniper rifles and tend to have more ammo. However, they don't have as much power as their energy based counterparts.

Energy Based[]

Energy based sniper rifles are notorious for being heavy and having limited ammo. However, they compensate for low ammo with extremely high attack power. It is advised that those unexperienced with sniper rifles avoid these as missing a few shots causes a problem.