Sol Dios Mission Icon

Sol Dios Mission Icon

Sol Dios is a mission in Chapter 5 of Armored Core 4.


  • Area: Desert Pishin Lora
  • Objective: Defeat Target


  • Damage: 34000 AP
  • Ammo Use: N/A
  • Mission Time: 450 seconds


Let's confirm the mission.

Akvavit's new behemoth, Sol Dios is approaching Sing, Asia's largest Colony. You are to intercept it.

Sol Dios is likely the completed form of the prototype developed in the former GAE's Hejde Arsenal and is equipped with a massive Kojima cannon and high-density Primal Armor.

We've confirmed several of these models are crushing nearby Colonies underfoot while converging on Sing.

The Aspina Colony has received a similar call for help. They've dispatched White Glint, a Next for hire-- try to rendezvous and work together if possible.

Those are your orders. The two of you can do this. I'm sure of it.

Special DebriefingEdit

Throwing everything away to protect what matters most...

You and Joshua are quite alike.

Let's go home.


The mission objective is to destroy the Sol Dios units that are approaching Sing's city walls. The Mercenary receives assistance from White Glint in taking down these behemoths.

Hard Mode Differences: White Glint is knocked out of the fight early on and cannot assist with taking down the Eastern Sol Dios units. This forces the Mercenary to take down all of the Sol Dios units alone.



Fiona Jarnefeldt:Enemy behemoth Sol Dios sighted. They're closing on Sing from 2 directions. White Glint is in charge of stopping the eastern contingent. You intercept the larger western squad. Take them all down. We're being hailed--it's White Glint. Opening a channel now!

Joshua O'Brien:This is White Glint. Hey Raven, I've heard good things. Let's get this done.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Energy spike detected! Opening shields to use the Sol Dios cannon! Take out the exposed cannon before it fires!

Joshua O'Brien:Too slow... Gotcha!

Joshua O'Brien:Sol Dios destroyed by White Glint! Amazing... He's overwhelming!

Fiona Jarnefeldt:(Hard Mode)What? Urgent news! White Glint has gone down! The Sol Dios aren't stopping!

Joshua O'Brien:(Hard Mode)I don't want to get in your way. Sorry--I'm pulling out.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:(Hard Mode)Finish these up ASAP and head to intercept the eastern squadron. This is going to be tight. Please hurry!

Fiona Jarnefeldt:The enemy is approaching Sing's defensive limits. Take down those Sol Dios pronto!

Fiona Jarnefeldt:All Sol Dios units defeated. Thanks for another successful mission. Good work Please head back.


This mission is not terribly difficult on Normal. You have to watch for the tell-tale signs of a Kojima cannon charging, and unload into the opening on each Sol Dios. After a Sol Dios has suffered enough damage, a large explosion will take out the other two or three near it. This explosion also disables Primal Armour in the area, and stops any Overboost.

A word of caution, the FCS has the potential to get very confused here. Don't bother locking on, but get close enough so it can't "see" anything else.

Hard mode is no different, except this time there are more Sol Dios to destroy.

Bugs Edit

This mission features a bug that can be used for quick completion. Inserting a shotgun or any other weapon inside the Sol Dios allows you to attack even while it is closed. Simply fly directly up to the cannon and "clip" your weapon inside. Be careful not to be caught in the explosion afterwards

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