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Sol Dios Cannons are large Kojima-based cannons seen in Armored Core: 4 and Armored Core: For Answer.

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The Sol Dios Cannon as first seen in Armored Core 4 attached to the experimental GAE unit


Originally created by Akvavit, the Sol Dios cannon is a spherical Kojima weapon that is designed to fire Kojima charged bursts of energy. GA Europe would further enhance this weapon by developing an experimental mobile fortress unit to put this weapon on. The mobile fortess has mutiple laser turrets, Primal Armor, and armor thats overall resistant to NEXT-grade weapons for defence. The cannon is only vulnerable when it disables its Primal Armor in order to charge its Kojima blast. It is noted in ACFA that Sol Dios is the strongest Kojima weapon in existence*. The completed units are encountered in the mission "Sol Dios" where the Anatolia Raven is hired by the colony Sing to destroy them with Joshua O'Brien before they reach and destroy the colony.

Taking Down Sol Dios[]

There are three ways to take down the Sol Dios:

  • The easiest way is to fire on the cannon as it charges. Not only this is the way that Fiona mentions, this also has the effect of generating a Kojima chain explosion, destroying two to three units at a time. However, the timing must be right and there's always a danger of being shot by the Kojima Cannon. Moreover, doing this will temporarily strip Primal Armor protection after the explosion, so be warned. The best weapon for this would be back mounted grenade launchers, which can sometimes take a sol dios out with one shot.
  • On the underside of each Sol Dios is a small, covered panel. Successfully destroying this panel and the switch inside it will bring the entire Sol Dios to a halt. This has the advantage of not being shot by other Sol Dios and keeping PA intact, but beware that each unit also has defensive guns on the underside. Furthermore, since this does not trigger the Kojima chain reaction, this must be done for all units.
  • The last method is simply bruteforcing the Sol Dios, usually with blades or large rockets. There are three to four "sections" on each Sol Dios: the front turret side, back turret side, left leg and right leg. Sometimes, simply incurring enough damage will force the Sol Dios to halt, and sometimes, not all 4 sections needed to be destroyed for this to work. This method is usually only used for exhibition/challenge purposes only.

Sol Dios Orbit[]

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Sol Dios orbit seen in Armored Core: For Answer

An Arms Fort deployed by TORUS, its a modified Land Crab that has docks on top for up to 6 autonomous Sol Dios cannons that move around in the air and function similarly to orbit weapons. These cannons forego primal armor for a kojima booster propulsion, which allow them Quickboost-like movement and stunning mobility (also giving them the ability to quickly change the aim, making them able to "shoot sideways"), and assault armor. In exchange for these enchancements, these cannons are more susceptible to damage than its mobile fortress version. Make sure to keep moving or else the cannons would easily tear your NEXT apart.


  • The Sol Dios cannons can be considered the largest orbit weaponry in the entire Armored Core franchise.
  • It is stated that the Argyros, another production of TORUS, uses Sol Dios technology.
  • Despite its name as the strongest Kojima cannon in existence, its blast are actually weak in comparison to that of NEXT versions. For instance, the Sol Dios would take about 4-5 hits to kill a NEXT, whereas the ARSENIC would take only two, albeit it's probably just a gameplay aspect. This may (or may not) be because it does not fully charge and instead fires it's Kojima charge prematurely, emphasizing rapid fire over destructive power per individual shot.