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Sol Dios Orbit
Sol Dios Orbit
General information
Japanese name ソルディオス・オービット
Other names Revival of the Kojima Nightmare (蘇ったコジマの悪夢)[1]
Classification Arms Fort
Manufacturer TORUS (derived from a Global Armaments model)
Equipment Mobile Sol Dios cannons
Cargo Normals
Affiliation TORUS
Conflicts present Economic War
Real world information
Mechanical designer Hiroshi Nakamura[2]
Appearances Armored Core: For Answer,
Armored Core: A New Order of "NEXT",
Armored Core Designs 4 & for Answer

Sol Dios Orbit is a modified Land Crab Arms Fort deployed by TORUS with several Sol Dios Cannons that are capable of operating independently from the main unit in a manner like Orbit weaponry. The Sol Dios Cannons take a while to engage, potentially allowing a fast moving NEXT to destroy both the Arms Fort and the cannons before they can become active (only possible in hard mode). They are shown to also have Assault Armor as well as an amazing ability to fire in every possible direction (backwards included).

Appears in "Defeat Unidentified AF."


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