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"There he is comrade, the one who disturbs peace in the world." - Soldier 0312

Soldier 0312 is a Migrant who appears in Armored Core V.


A migrant encountered in Armored Core V's Order Missions, Soldier 0312 is a member of the infamous group known as "Beehive". The main enemy of Order Mission 46 alongside Soldier 0331, he pilots the AC Beehive A8.


Encountered in Order Mission 46 at the Executive Sector of Alloy Gate, Soldier 0312 is a firm believer in the religious ideals of the Beehive group, as do the rest of his co-workers. Firmly believing that strife and conflict are sown from powerful fighters, Soldier 0312 strives to rid the world of these people, or the violence may never end. Often found working with his partner Soldier 0331, they actively engage opponents in a dizzying display of close-quarter and ranged combat. His AC, Beehive A8, is a lightweight bipedal geared towards a direct combat role, often having to have Soldier 0312 back him up in battles. The unit possesses very low durability and AP, but very high mobility.

AC Beehive A8[]

In-game information:  A cooperative consisting of two lightweight ACs. The assault AC uses a laser blade and the support AC uses a laser rifle to destroy individual targets. The team is best-suited to short battles, as both ACs sacrifice durability in favor of manueverability.

Beehive A8 is a bright yellow craft adorned in the 'Soldier'-class Beehive emblem. A lightweight bipedal with very little armor, A8 relies instead on its partner to distract and pester foes while it slips in to deal lethal damage. Featuring low Ap, durability but extremely high maneuverability and agility, A8 can catch most opponents of guard with its mobility and kill them in a flash.

It comes equipped with two, separate model laser blades (for both range and power respectively), and a burst-fire, high-stun handgun to leave opponents open to attack from its close-range weaponry.


Under any circumstance, do not underestimate these two. They may appear to be weak, but all i takes is one mistake, and it will all over be over. These two are quite unique in the fact that they will try their utmost to leave very few openings available. Be especially careful of A6, as it will primarily try to distract the player from A8, and A8's weaponry will drain the player's AP very quickly.

The fight takes place in the Executive Sector, near the central river canal. the player will take up position on the 'left' side of the map, with Beehive A6 and A8 taking their place on the right side, near the forked road and building covered in scaffolding. As soon as the bout starts, A6 will immediately try to take the advantage by gaining altitude. He will hang back while the player has to deal with A8, providing medium-long range support while they are distracted. It is recommended to lure the two as close together as possible and funnel them into a place where A6 cannot easily provide airborne support to his partner.

This works well as A8 possesses a lower AP count that its partner, and must pull back at times to momentarily recover while A6 plays the role of being a target. With A8 hanging back for the moment, this gives the player ample time to lay waste to his ranged support.

A8's durability against all three damage types (KE, CE, TE) is rather low, which provides an ample advantage against them. A6, as well, has rather low durability and AP. Therefore, most weapons will be sufficient to downing both of them. Weapons such as high-power rifles, gatling guns, shotguns and sniper rifles will shred A8's AP. Other weapons such as missiles (KE and CE), rockets (KE and HEAT), battle rifles, HEAT Howitzers, pulse guns, pulse-machine guns, laser rifles, plasma guns and a laser blade of your own will prove beneficial against A8, as well as A6.

If using a CQC weapon (pile, laser blade, or Murakumo) be very careful, A8's laser blades (consisting of a UTICA and USACHYEI) boast tremendous stats in both range and power respectively. He will use the UTICA to try and reach out to you, while using the USACHYEI for hard-hitting power.

It is recommended that the player take out A8 first, as it is the weaker of the two and it won't be able to handle much punishment due to its lower AP. With A8 destroyed, this leaves A6 without the support role and puts him immediately on the defensive. The player can then engage A6 at their behest and rip him to pieces.

By being careful, the S-rank is easy to obtain. Getting the time-limit subquest however, may be a different manner. Equip a dual-shoulder arm part, high-ammo HEAT rockets or a rocket launcher on high-mobility frame and launch away, being careful of A8's long-reaching UTICA. Once A8 is destroyed, focus on A6 and repeat the same process. They should both be destroyed in less than 30 seconds each with the right FCS, shoulder weapon and arm part.


  • Soldier 0312 and 0331 are the first 'Soldier'-class Beehive members to be encountered in the Order Missions.