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Solid Weaponry

Examples of Solid Weapons.

Solid shell weaponry is one of two ammunition types featured in the Armored Core series. It is the most frequently used type of ammo utilized by ACs, MTs, unmanned weapons, etc.


Solid shell weaponry uses ballistic mechanisms to fire a physical (hence the name solid) projectile from a barrel using chemical propelllant or magnetic force. They have a greater variety than energy weapons, and also just as versatile. While as a whole cheaper than energy based weapons, they are more expensive because of the need to buy ammo when used.

Note that in AC:FA, many EN weapons do also cost a lot to fill with ammo after a mission.

Types of solid shell weaponry[]


One of the two most common type of Solid weapons. These weapons fire rounds at a medium rate with a good balance of power and heat generation. Almost every beginning AC starts out equip with this as the default right arm weapon.

Assault Rifles[]

A notched up version of the standard issue rifles. They fire a three round burst, but after Armored Core Nexus they lose this capability and simply fire at faster rate than normal rifles. While slightly less powerful, they're ideal for picking off MTs.

Sniper Rifles[]

Long range weapons designed for power, accuracy and of course, to be fired from such range that the target won't be able to shoot back. While packing more power than standard rifles, they pack a lot of problems with loading mechanisms and targeting systems, making them impossible to fire at rates effective at close range.


Similar to Sniper Rifles, Railguns are Ballistic weapons that use electromagnets to accelerate their solid projectiles to nearly thrice the speed of sound. As their conventional cousins, they have very long range, good PA penetration, superb accurracy and relatively slow reload speed.
The main advantage is their lighter weight compared to the standard bulky Sniper Rifle, thus making them easier to aim at moving targets and targets at closer range, the latest of the Interior's models being designed for use even in close combat. Dissadvantages include high EN use, meaning they should only be used by crafts with good generators/low overall craft EN use. Their main dissadvantage is however that the launch of each projectile damages the electromagnets and causes great stress on the weapon, meaning the weapon will start to fall apart after a few shots, greatly limiting the ammo count as the weapon can only fire a ceratian number of rounds before the heat from the magnets has caused the weapon's components to melt together, causing shortcircuits and sytem errors.

Linear Weapons[]

High powered rounds that feature impressive knockback, heat generation, power, at average to medium rate of fire. Arm mounted versions are termed Linear Rifles, and back mounted are referred to as Linear Guns.


Portable, lightweight guns with semi quick fire rate, small power and impressive heat generation. Limitations include short range and small magazines. Often utilized as hangar weapons.

Machine guns[]

Lightweight firearms that rain down a constant stream of gunfire at a rapid rate but low power. Starting with Nexus, machine guns were given a 'magazine' to cap the amount of rounds they fire at once before stopping to reload. These weapons are the best for getting through enemy PA in AC4 and AC:FA.


Single or dual barrel rifles that fire off a spray of small semi-weak bullets. Their combined use might however generats a decent amount of heat and is meant to be used as a medium-to-close range weapon, they are also effective at taking away enemy PA in AC4 and AC:FA.


Heavy weapons with a semi-long range that fire off incredibly powerful solid rounds with impressive power, knockback and heat generation with no recoil from the user, untill AC4 and AC:FA that is. A constant drawback of this weapon are low ammo loads as well as slow fire rate.


This weapon system is unique in that it requires a lock on to fire correctly although this is changed in Armored Core 4 and 4A. The missile is basically an explosive warhead with a rocket motor with movable fins allowing it to track a target. Based on the fact that the FCS works off of Radar data, these Missiles are in fact Radar Guided, rather than by infared.
The difference between a Rocket and Missile is based on the technology that they use. Both of these are fundamentally similar, featuring a rocket motor and an explosive warhead. The difference is that Missiles are capable of tracking a target after Lock On is achieved. For Radar based missiles, the "mother" vehicle's radar system guides it to its target. Rockets however lack this kind of system, sacrificing accuracy for brute power.
  • Small Missiles - Weak guided missile weaponry with high ammunition reserves, multi-lock-on limit and impressive speed.
  • Medium/Middle Missiles - Slightly more powerful with a slightly lower lock-on limit and has lower ammo count than small missiles.
  • Micro Missiles - The smallest of all, micro missiles are fired in swarms at the target. While not powerful invidually, they are capable of dealing high damage in clusters. Useful for overcoming Anti-Missile defenses.
  • Stealth Missiles - Missile weapons designed with an anti-ECM mechanism to bypass electronic interfering and sound resonance devices along with 'smart' homing capabilities.
  • Hi-Act Missiles - Missiles that have a very fast homing speed and is rather difficult to avoid conventionally but can be shot down by anti-missiles. Has moderate attack power.
  • Multi-Missiles - In essential a small shell with a booster that opens after closing in on the target, releasing multiple warheads after a second or so. Accurate from mid to long range, but effectiveness decreases at close ranges as the delivery unit does not have enought time to relsease its payload.
  • Vertical Missiles - Powerful projectiles that are first launched directly into the air before coming back down on their target, making it difficult to dodge.
  • Large Missiles - Heavy MP shell launchers that fire incredibly slow, but accurate projectiles that release a devastating explosion that annihilates MTs completely and burns off half an AC's armor while knocking down their output immediately, causing their AC's armor to peel away steadily from overheating. Of all the missile weapon types, they also have the longest flight time.
  • Ground Torpedoes - Fires a low-flying projectile that spreads itself into a bunch of low flying warhead missiles once near the target. Deals moderate to high damage.
  • Pursuit Missiles - A weapon that doesn't fire missiles by itself, but launches a pod that splits into a huge swarm of missiles that homes in on the intended target. The pod itself can also deal massive damage if it hits, although it is quite hard to do considering this a manual-aim type weapon.
  • Cluster Missiles - A weapon that fires a vertically launched missile at the intended target, once the missile is directly above the target it splits into bombs that rain down on the target. Accuracy is rather weak though, but makes up for it in high ammo count.
  • Napalm Missiles - A special type of missile that sets a target on fire, if it hits. It only appeared in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Rockets are the predecessor to Missiles technologically and in modern warfare, volume of shots fired are used to compensate for inaccuracy of the system. These are simply explosive warheads mounted on a tube with a rocket motor, hence the name. Unlike Missiles these tend to be very innaccurate, going so far as requring manual aim and are actaully unworldly slow.
  • Small Rockets - Fired at a semi-quick rate with average power.
  • Medium Rockets - Fired at a semi-medium rate with impressive power.
  • Large Rockets - Fired at a slow rate with great power.
  • Multi-Rockets - Fires more than one rocket at a time in a spread formation.
  • AST-Rockets - Fires up to 2 or 3 in a row.
  • Napalm Rockets - A special type of rocket that sets a target on fire if hit.
  • ECM Rockets - A special type of rocket that disrupts enemy lock-on.
  • Jammer Rockets - A special type of rocket that causes enemy's generator's energy recovery to slow down or stop.


These are a bit of a misnomer due to the differences between the real world weapon and the actual weapon. Renamed to the Grenade Cannon in Armored Core 4 for the later version, the Grenade Launcher and Rifle, in the real world, are typically the same weapon, both utilizing a large caliber round with high bullet drop due to size, creating an parabolic arc when in air.
In game, these function much more like the cannons seen on tanks and consequently, this weapon is a cousin of the bazooka. These are very powerful rounds that deal massive damage and stun to the target, but they are very slow in flight.

Chain Guns[]

A powerful weapon but another misnomer, the Chain Gun, in real life, features a single barrel that is fed by a chain, hence the name. In game, their design and operation is very similar to the rotary cannon, which is the modern version of the Gatling Gun. Most have mutiple barrels and feature an electric motor driving the rotation and feed of the ammo, allowing the weapon to put a wide amount of lead down range.
These weapons are extremely powerful, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage over time and heat, quickly debilitating an enemy AC. Also in Nexus on, these weapons feature a magainze which puts a damper on their rate of fire, balacing out the weapon.


Artillery weaponry with a short barrel that fires mortar shells with a very high degree of decay in flight. These are what you would expect with a grenade launcher and consequently are very difficult to use effectively outside of close range combat. They only appeared in Armored Core 3 and Silent Line.


These are weapons that fire a pressurized stream of flammable substance such as napalm or gasoline that causes high thermal stress on the target vehicle along with high damage due to the constant contact. This is a very short ranged weapon though.

Parrying Blades[]

More collectively known as 'pile bunkers', parrying blades are not actual Solid weapons as they do not launch anything,
They are instead sort of the solid equivalent of laser blades. Using powerful hydraulics, they piston a thick, spiked shaft that pierces through armor and generates excessive heat all the while blasting the enemy back with staggering knockback. Despite being blades, they have finite use, apparently wearing out after use. In the hands of an experience user, it is effective as a counter-laser blade.
In ACFA they can generally destroy any target NEXT or otherwise in a single direct hit, regardless of defenses.

Physical Blades[]

Unlike pile bunkers, Physical Blades in Armored Core V is a new weapon introduced to Armored Core V in the form of the Murakumo MDL 1, a physical metal blade that flips when it prepares for an attack, while it lacks the same energy consumption of energy swords, the weapon does not inflict as much damage and it's attack delay can be crippling


Solid Shields[]

Not actual Solid weaponry either. Reduces knockback and damage with a tempered shield. While granting a much greater defense than the energy variants, they're destructible and will be atrophied after sustaining a certain amount of damage.