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Soul is a Raven who appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

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He is encountered in the mission Terminate Raven. During the mission he was fighting against Scalp Lock, but his Arena match got interrupted by the Raven and he teams up with Soul to fight him.

AC Niten[]

Niten is a lightweight two-legged AC equipped with an orbit cannon dual back weapon, laser blade weapon arms, an orbit maker inside weapon and an Over Boost core.


Soul’s only real danger lies in his orbit cannons & blades, both of which can be avoided by simply staying on the move. In addition, his lightweight frame makes him vulnerable to heavier, punishing weaponry. Despite being a blader AC, he is somewhat slow due to his choice of boosters, ironically making him an even easier target. Any kind of weapon is usable on him so long as you keep your distance from him.

It’s also preferable to engage him separately from his partner as their combined firepower can spell doom for you if you absorb too many hits. If possible, lure his partner away from him so that you can focus on him first before taking on the other.



  • His AC's name is translated from a Japanese website and is pending.
  • In Japanese, his name is called "Konkai".